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Square Enix Financials Cast Final Fantasy 14 as Saviour

Square Enix has managed to return to profit, thanks largely to the strong performance of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3, PS4, Square Enix)

SquareSoft  +   514d ago
Final Fantasy Reborn.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   514d ago
The original FFXIV left them in a bad spot but, now a Realm Reborn put them at a good standing again. It's ironic.
Ocsta  +   514d ago
Never thought gamers would give a Realm Reborn this much love. Its a good thing.
KonsoruMasuta  +   514d ago
It's funny because, before this was released, everybody was talking about how it was going to fail and go F2P in a couple of months.
cemelc  +   514d ago
FF14 for sure and for a reason, but no one told that about reborn.
3-4-5  +   514d ago
They wouldn't just do it, just to do it.

It obviously must have earned some of this praise or whatever.

Not really into paying subs for games anymore but MMO's are pretty fun.
iamtehpwn  +   514d ago
The vast Irony is that the original FF14 almost ruined them. however, A Realm Reborn is awesome.
worldwidegaming  +   514d ago
Great game! A lot can get done in half the time of a normal grindfest MMO.
colonel179  +   514d ago
It's great since they really worked hard to make the game better. Hopefully Square Enix learns from this mistake and start making games worth playing and listen to the fans about what they want. Although it doesn't seem to be that way (yet).
ShinnokDrako  +   514d ago
It remembers me the time when Final Fantasy saved Squaresoft. Too bad that some year later, with that horrible movie "spirits within", Final Fantasy killed the great software house. At least, after the "spin-off" FFXIII saga(i didn't like them at all, Lightning returns over all), they managed to give us a REAL Final Fantasy. Too bad you have to pay monthly fees ;( I'd like a game like that but offline, like the old times...
PickAShoe  +   514d ago
The collecting and crafting aspect of the game is fun, but the story is meh to me.
allgamespc2012  +   514d ago
the story is still better than all of the latest final fantasy games.
PickAShoe  +   513d ago
Yes, no doubt
Kinger8938  +   514d ago
Ive only recently started (lvl 15 atm)

Does crafting get introduced to me or is it something i have to go out and start unknowingly?

For example i feel instances etc are bing gradually introduced and taught to me, wondering if crafting etc is similar?

Thanks :)
DC777  +   514d ago
There's a few instances where they push it but it's pretty much up to you.
PickAShoe  +   513d ago
Well, there're quests from every guild profession you can begin with. I haven't started the quest yet. Right now, I'm waiting for my leve quest to stack up to 100 for crafting, and do dungeon and stuff.
Nerdmaster  +   514d ago
FFXIV is a great MMORPG. Unfortunately, while WoW had options for people who don't like to make parties with random people, FFXIV does the opposite and demands us to form parties and do dungeons to continue the story and get important things like access to the bank and be able to ride chocobos. That's the reason why I stopped playing it.

I liked doing BGs and WGs in WoW, and liked FATEs in FFXIV, but being obligated to form parties with random people on dungeons that require good team coordination is just annoying.
Jubez187  +   514d ago
I understand it may seem annoying, but you need to understand that this is both a Final Fantasy and an MMO. All Final Fantasy's have parties and most of them have them consisting of Paladins, Black Mages, Lancers, and White Mages. You have to give credit where it's due and say that FFXIV preserves the Final Fantasy feel VERY well for being an MMO.

Why do you dislike playing with other players so much? I know there are horror stories of bad mannered players, but there are still a great deal of players who are nice.
Nerdmaster  +   514d ago
In WoW I tried doing dungeons with random people. I played with DPS who rushed ahead or tried to fight more enemies than the tank and the healer were able to handle, I played with healers who wasted mana "overhealing" and let people die because their mana ended, I played with tankers who played like DPS and didn't try to draw aggro from monsters who were attacking the real DPS...

That's why I like playing alone. I hate when things go wrong and I know it was not my fault. Or when it's my fault and people are rude to me because of it. In BGs, WGs and FATEs at least if someone (or even you) screws up, it doesn't affect your team too much.

Playing with friends is not as bad, but first of all, you need to have friends who play the game (nobody I knew played or wanted to play FFXIV). And even if they did, trying to find a day where everyone is online to be able to continue the story or be able to use the bank and chocobos is very annoying.

That's why I think WoW is still the king of MMORPGs. It catered to different style of gamers. When I gave up on doing dungeons, I could still continue questing and whatnot until level 85. I could still craft stuff and sell (and in FFXIV I didn't have access to the bank to store items). If FFXIV allowed me to follow the story like WoW did, or didn't block access to important stuff until I did dungeons, I would still be playing it.
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RPG_Lover  +   514d ago
Yet most of there games are still terrible.

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