Rumor: Far Cry 4 To Be Set In The Himalayas?

OnlySP: According to a leak on Twitter, the highly anticipated Far Cry 4 is rumored to be set in the Himalayas, a mountain range in Asia that is home to the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest.

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-Foxtrot1180d ago

Well the Tomb Raider reboot missed its chance to so this sounds interesting

SlapHappyJesus1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

It could be a nice change of scenery.
Go for it.

Rickgrimes951180d ago

Far cry 4 is gonna be shown at e3 2014 without a doubt

isa_scout1180d ago

Far Cry 3 was absolutely amazing. I'm really looking forward to see what Ubi can do with Far Cry 4 on the next gen systems. Regardless, it'll be a day one buy for me.

stavrami-mk21180d ago

i loved far cry 3 was a cracking game but the last 3rd of it went downhill fast once vaas was killed off the story plummeted imo ...but i must say can't wait to play far cry 4

isa_scout1180d ago

True, Vaas should've been a much larger focus, and the main villain of the story.

PockyKing1180d ago

Vaas dressed as a Yeti. I would laugh my butt of if that happened in Far Cry 4.

porkChop1180d ago

Yeah that really bothered me. All the marketing focused on him, making him look like the main villian, but they killed him off way too soon.

MysticStrummer1180d ago

I picked it up for $20 yesterday. It's a lot of fun, but to me the story and it's presentation aren't all that great in general.

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ginsunuva1179d ago

I'm thinking that because fc3 was good, that Ubi will now focus its milking hands on it, and thus ruin it like AC

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The story is too old to be commented.