New Saints Row IV DLC Out Today for PC and Xbox 360 - PSN Next Week

Steelport just got wicked-fancy with the addition of five new DLC packs to choose from for the award-winning open world action game, Saints Row IV™, from Deep Silver and Volition.

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ftwrthtx1505d ago

That's a lot of cool content. Waiting a week sucks though.

ftwrthtx1505d ago

Apparently people are buying this stuff, and as long as they keep buying, they'll keep making more. Some of it is pretty fun to use, though.

Mugen901505d ago

I just hate to see people buying up simple skins in total that nearly equals another game.

ftwrthtx1505d ago

We are definitely on the same page there. I can't see spending all that money to get all of the DLC. The game is fun, but adding skins doesn't add replayability for me.