Sound Shapes to Replace Outlast for Free on PlayStation Plus in UAE, India, and More Countries

Certain countries that won’t be getting Outlast free through PlayStation Plus are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, India and Turkey. As a replacement, PlayStation EU has confirmed Sound Shapes (includes PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy) will be added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection on February 5th.

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Nabbic1500d ago

Sound Shapes is better anyway. Touch the People by Beck was incredible.

Visiblemarc1500d ago

I haven't played Outlast yet, is on the backlog pile filed somewhere under "impulsive 1 am marathon" but I can echo your enthusiasm for Sound Shapes. The game is superb. I've platinumed it and played every piece of DLC, worth every penny and every second. Imo, the often overlooked Beat School is not to be missed (headphones required).

Clover9041500d ago

How the heck has everyone platinumed Sound Shapes. Those advanced levels that you get a trophy for beating are ridiculously difficult.

ramiuk11500d ago

whats sound shapes? a ps4 game?

XANDEO1500d ago

Yes, but also a vita and ps3 game. Cross buy