10 Games that Defined Today’s Generation of Gamers

"Video games and consoles are constantly evolving, and the world has come a long way from the pixelated games on Atari and the original Nintendo. Some of the big names are still big, such as Nintendo and Sony, while others are still rather new to the market, such as Microsoft. Competition is still high but no matter what your one true console is, you’ve probably played some of the most influential games of the generation just past." -BootHammer

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kraideral1536d ago

Great list but I also think Minecraft should be added in

BootHammer1535d ago

That's a very fair nominee! It certainly has taken off!

karamsoul1535d ago

Nice list, but where's Halo? :D

DasTier1535d ago

Personally I would replace Gears of War with Halo 3 and Little Big Planet with Minecraft.

fonger081535d ago

I feel like Uncharted 2, LA Noire, or Mass Effect should be included in this list somewhere. I think between the acting, motion-capture, and story-telling, took a giant leap last generation.

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