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Top 5 Survival Horror Games

Step into the world of survival horror with this chilling countdown. (Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Dead Space, PC, PS2, PS3, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Retro, Silent Hill 2, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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gillri  +   69d ago
Great list but should have been a top 10, easily enough games to fill a top 10

and REmake is definitely the best 'survival' horror game ever, not an opinion, fact (Although I have a huge soft spot in my heart for RE2 also..the difficulty of REmake makes it the better game)

But when you start talking about story in a horror game you would have to say Silent Hill 2 is the best out there, that was the perfect mix of horror, emotion and psychological torture...a masterpiece IMO

Great to Dead Space up there too, in my top 10 games of the generation for sure

Maybe if you talking about pure scares maybe Amnesia or Fatal Frame would take the top spot but as a 'survival' horror REmake is king
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il-JumperMT  +   69d ago
Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame II: The Tormented
Fatal Frame III: Crimson Butterfly

There is your top 3.
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BlackTar187  +   69d ago
Dude this is the Top 3. hands down especially #2 which is Crimson butterfly not #3 and Tormented is #3.

ANyways #2 omg played that game with my GF back in the day when it released now my wife and we were scared SH** less.

Great great game.

Prenumbra Overture on PC is right up there with them though.
SonyStyled  +   69d ago
i heard Siren Blood Curse will give you a run for your money. a shame they never released it on Blu-ray in North America, thus the reason i have yet to play it. i like my games on disc
BlackTar187  +   69d ago
I couldn't beat Siren. Something was missing for me in that game not sure what it was. I gave up on like the 4th episode.
Sketchy_Galore  +   69d ago
I never played the Resident evil remake and always really wanted to but for me I would have to give the top spot to Silent Hill 2. I remember in the first hour or two thinking, 'this is kinda creepy.... I guess' as I wandered around the brightly lit foggy town but then as the game goes on it just becomes more and more like a nightmare at a brilliantly subtle pace. There was a point running through the streets with everything pitch black that wasn't illuminated by my flashlight that I truly felt like I was in a nightmare, not because the darkness made the game any more difficult or anything, just that experience of running through blackness while seeing weird spamming shapes around me for brief moments as I passed them, they just hit that strange feel of bad dreams perfectly without ever needing to ramp things up by going all out action and jump scares like I feared they would. Truly an amazing game, no other horror game comes close for me, not even any other Silent hill game.
gillri  +   69d ago
I think its as horror game SH2 is better, but as a survival horror game it doesnt beat REmake
Sketchy_Galore  +   69d ago
Fair point. Silent hill 2 nailed the horror for me by being more about the mood than quick scares but I have to admit the survival aspect was probably done better even by the Resident evil games I did play on the ps1.
s45gr32  +   69d ago
For me :

Amnesia Dark descent
Biohazard8860  +   69d ago
REmake and silent hill 2 my all time favorites.
Mugen90  +   68d ago
Hmmmmm...no Fatal Frame II

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