CryEngine Incredibly Powerful, Best Looking Next Gen Game is Ryse – Star Citizen Creator

"Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome released for the Xbox One at launch, and was also built using CryEngine. The team took advantage of customized anti-aliasing and an overall film-based post processing treatment to deliver on the visual front."

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windblowsagain1572d ago

The engine is excellent, and the game is very good looking.

But the best next gen game.


Pandamobile1572d ago

He said best looking, not best game.

Naga1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

@ GameNameFame

Your rehashed fanboy talking points don't make it look any less stunning.

DevilishSix1572d ago

But it is not best looking there are two games out that already look better.

Charybdis1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Yes Ryse it is one of the better looking launch games.

However Star Citizen seems to be in a whole other graphics league, I really hope star citizen will also come to next gen consoles.

thehitman1572d ago

Sorry its still not the best looking game maybe its the best looking on XB1 but on PS4 BF4 and KZ:SF both look better. They have better textures, environments, frame rates and resolution. Those are undisputed facts.

Naga1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )


Clearly, some of your "undisputed facts" are being disputed. By the creator of Star Citizen, no less.

SlapHappyJesus1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I argue your "facts".

scott1821572d ago

If he is referring to it looking the best in facial tech and cut scenes I would definitely agree. But as far as how a game looks when being played, I would say killzone and then battlefield look the best.

elninels1572d ago

@Thehitman, I own a ps4 and love it. I have killzone, and it is stunning, but I still believe is ryse is more aesthetically pleasing from what I've seen than killzone. The ps4 will have better looking games than the xone will, its simply more powerful and thoughtfully planned, but in that isolated comparison my opinion differs from yours.

quaneylfc1571d ago


people can't read anymore, they see half a sentence and then argue against it, its natural now. people are getting thicker by the day.

TheRedButterfly1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )


I too hope that Star Citizen comes to Next Gen. consoles, but I'm not holding my breath… Not in the slightest…

The reasoning behind my skepticism?

In response to the "panic" of PC gamers after they spotted a PS4 devkit on Roberts Space Industries CTO Jason Spangler’s desk, Roberts took to Star Citizen’s forums to explain the following (among other things):

“Star Citizen IS a PC game. It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform. We will NOT limit the input options or supported peripherals to the lowest common denominator. We will NOT pass on features and technology just because they will only run on some hardware configurations.”

“I LOVE the PC as a platform because it is open, is always moving forward, with new powerful components (usually at cheaper prices) becoming available to gamers available every year... Because of this Star Citizen will always be primarily a PC game and will embrace the best and newest tech.”

Basically the same PC Elitism we console gamers all have to put up with on a daily basis… Now, that's not to say that the game won't come to consoles (Note the "Star Citizen will always be primarily a PC game" line in the last sentence of quotes, as well as a few other mentions throughout his written response), but I wouldn't get remotely excited until Roberts flat-out confirms it.

Edit: here's the url if you'd like to read it for yourself. https://forums.robertsspace...

cozomel1571d ago

I think KZ, BF4 and COD have better graphics than Ryse. Ryse is very stiff and choppy and repetitive

dantesparda1571d ago Show
JokesOnYou1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

-No scott you don't have to agree, still he said plainly in terms of "visuals and looks", with no qualifier like just "facial tech" being mentioned, he even went further and stated Ryse is "technically" superior:

“Ryse is a fairly simplistic God of War mash-em up but just in terms of visuals and looks, it’s by far the best looking…its better looking than Killzone [Shadow Fall]. I’m a big Killzone fan but just technically if I look at Ryse and I look at Killzone, Ryse is superior. -Chris Roberts Star Citizen creator, industry veteran and all around legend

-Also there are plenty of devs out there using Unreal Engine, Unity and others that never say "blank" game using the same engine as their upcoming game is the best graphically so the logic that he needs to say that to sell his game is silly for a veteran guy like this, he just acknowledging like many others have that Ryse has the best next gen graphics so far. Ironicly no one outside of sony sources and ps fans on n4g say KZ SF has the best next gen graphics so far, which speaks for itself.

-lol, This is why I can never take *most n4g ps folks seriously 'cause its very obvious they never can give credit where credit is due. I remember when KZ 2 came out, the media consensus, majority opinion was that it was at the time best graphics on consoles, I agreed and said so publicly as much as I loved Gears as the better overall game KZ 2 was more impressive graphically.

-Clearly despite ps4 being more powerful and that eventually it will exceed Ryse graphics, Ryse visually offers the best next gen graphics at launch. Fact is both will have better games in terms of graphics but really if you believe most games on either based on the hardware specs of both are going to look miles better than Ryse I think you believe the hype too much, I mean just look at the facts even PC'S now with higher specs than ps4 don't have many games that graphically look miles better Ryse or KZ SF for that matter so fact is there is a ceiling that even the best engine is going to be limited to in terms of hardware. Folks dont like to admit that but if Im crazy just put up pics for any pc game vs Ryse demonstrating a dractic difference in visual quality. Again which is why Iam not worried about X1 delivering great games vs ps4, bottom line X1 is less powerful than ps4 but great graphics should be expected from both since even X1 is alot more powerful than previous gen consoles but neither are more powerful than current pc's which only deliver marginally better graphics anyway.

4Sh0w1571d ago

Jokes you nailed it with that post. I couldn't have said it better, which is why the 1080p stuff is fools gold. I just want great games that look better than last gen but the quality and content of the game should be waaay more talked about, yet DR3 is looked down upon more by the 1080p crowd while Knack is upheld as something next gen.

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Burrito26a1572d ago

If they want to continue using the engine for their game it makes sense that they would say it's the "best."

Pandamobile1572d ago

Lol, do you think Crytek is going to take the engine away if they don't lie about it?

Chris Roberts isn't some corporate shill who will say anything for a buck, he's a legendary game designer...

Irishguy951572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Conspiricy theorists unite!

Man, let it go. Ryse does look the best, anyone that disagrees is in denial, at the very least it has the best graphics. There's a perfectly logical reason as to why. Same reason Uncharted looked so good.

Also, as if Crytek have the right to take it away. What is going on in that head of yours?

kopicha1572d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I have no doubt over Chris. I love his games. WC series are by far my most fav PC games in the past. However I think many people just never take into account that whatever he said is basically trying to indirectly promote his own game. Seriously no developer in the right mind would come out straight and say the engine they use for their game is bad. So it does not come as a surprise for him to give praise on Ryse being a game running on CryEngine and if he is going to be using the same engine for his own game. If you twist the scenario around that SC is going to be using the engine KZSF is running on, I think his words would have been twisted around. That is just another PR talk. IMO I do agree Ryse does look good visually. I do no dispute that. I agree that CryEngine is indeed a good engine and I think that is a well known fact. But I still do not think Ryse is a real showcase due to the fact that firstly the framerate isnt very well optimized. 2ndly the game mostly uses a lot of repeated assets and also smaller environment. Those factors alone would allow you to push the engine to do more. Comparing to games like KZSF or BF4 where the game design is of a larger scale, more randering work require is just silly imo. They are completely of 2 different category in terms of game design.

cozomel1571d ago

"Chris Roberts", who? never hear of him

PotatoClock1571d ago


"Comparing to games like KZSF or BF4 where the game design is of a larger scale, more randering work require is just silly imo"

I find it quite amusing that you said that. Shows the ridiculous nature of fanboyism.

So many PS fanboys loved to compare Uncharted with other games while avoiding the truth, that it was a corridor shooter and couldn't be compared to more open games that require more power. Now the rules have apparently changed and it is now not okay to compare open vs closed games because it is an Xbox game.

In answer to your post, Cryengine 3 is powerful. You can say that it is all PR talk as much as you want, doesn't change the fact that it is an amazingly powerful engine and was chosen because it can perform incredibly and will look amazing for years to come.

Trekster_Gamer1571d ago

Burrito, what foolish comment!

Maybe you should do more homework about Chris Roberts and everything that he's done and been involved with. He can say what he wants without the fear of losing whatever support he gets from Crytek. Get a clue!

Stories like this just boil the blood of Sony Fanboys!

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GusHasGas1572d ago

Works/looks like a nice tech demo.

Not really that great of a game.

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s1lentone1571d ago

Ryse. It's like a sexy air headed chick. She looks good, but when u take her out on a date and play with her a little you'll soon find out she's not all great. Then you just get bored. Not trying to troll but yeah I got bored fast.

I own both system and yes graphics on both looks nice. Game play on most xbox games is mehh feels like the last 3 years Ms been making gets for the xbox 360 and at the last minute decided to port the games over to the xb1. Don't get me started with forza5. Makes me wanna punch my xb1. All I have to say about forza5 is GREEDY! No heart.

Dr3 is fun gets choppy when there's a lot of zombies on screen. My only complaint.

As for ps4... I got outlast to play peace out lol

GearSkiN1572d ago

Best looking he said learn to read

lifeisgamesok1572d ago

It's a good game and the graphics are better than any next gen game we've seen

Keith Olbermann1572d ago

Ryse really reminds me of Infinity Blade for IOS. Pretty pretty game because mechanics are so simple. All resources go into the graphics. Can you explore? Can you do anything other than move forward and kill? Like Infinity blade.

DoubleM701571d ago

RYSE was a showcase game. Like many of these 1st generation games for the PS4 X1. I have no doubt both of these systems are going to pump out nice graphics.

Letthewookiewin1572d ago

I think how a game runs should also be taken into account when makeing a statement like that. Ryse dose look good but dosent run well. I think that should always be taken into consideration.

H0RSE1571d ago

His comment is related to the graphics - the look and feel of the game. What you bring up is a product of gameplay. That being said, and have but a good amount of hours into the Ryse, It seems to run fine.

DoubleM701571d ago

Just curious have you played it?

imt5581572d ago

Well, Star Citizen use CryEngine 3. Well, nothing weird here from Star Citizen developer.

If he has right, why not start develop Star Citizen for PS4 and Xbox One. I THINK HE WILL BE SUPRISED!!!!!

Allsystemgamer1571d ago

That won't happen. It's funded by PC gamers for PC gamers. If it DOES come to consoles then it won't be for a while after release.

Convas1571d ago

I'm pretty sure that Chris Roberts is intimately familiar with the strengths and short comings of both next-gen consoles.

He chose to develop on PC for a reason. More power, less restrictions, and he got the overwhelming support of PC gamers.

The only one who is surprised here is you, surprised that he isn't praising the power of the Playstation 4.

ssj271571d ago

Sorry but this has already been proved by professional that Killzone 》 rise

Rise does have the best faces in cut scenes.

Obviously who cares anyways.. there are already better looking games that will come out soon plus the ones that are coming in the next few years into this gen will look better.

Lunch games are very limited and does not represent the true power.. GG will show their true talent in their second game.

They did a amazing job by having limited time and resources. GG are amazing devs

starchild1571d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall has a lot of mediocre textures and the overall geometry, shadow quality and effects work isn't up to the standard of Ryse. The character models in KZSF are also far behind.

ssj271571d ago

It's not indeed a polished game but it's the best at the stuff it do right and at the stuff GG had time to polish been this a lunch game and having such a limited time.

I do agree facials are very poor except in two characters, but that about it. If we count the mask the helgash had they are very well polished and derailed plus this is a fps and fps, they focus on environment and immersion and Killzone shadow fall does a good job plys it does have some huge levels with amazing detailed background that has things happening in real time.

KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is indeed the most polished lunch game.. compare Killzone to BF or COD... those other two games look and play far inferior with far more bugs and unplayable online and bugs from day one.

The only error Killzone shadow fall start having, was a month after and is just lag ..

Tsar4ever011571d ago

Ryse looks great because of the Crytek engine, not because of the XB1's graphical capability. This the same engine that made Crysis2 & 3!! Of course it look great! The Cryengine3 is one of the best graphic & famous tech next to Frostbite3, Unreal3/4 and Id tech 5. If Ryse was a multiplat game, than just imagine how much BETTER Ryse would look & perform on the PS4!?

Automatic791571d ago

Some people just skim articles.

KingKelloggTheWH1571d ago

It is in some areas but in others it is not.

There are areas where it definitely wins but there are tons of areas where it falls flat. In any case the first set of games we got for Next gen consoles does not represent each one, both's next waves will demolish Ryse and Killzone.

GamingNerd0131571d ago

Have to say its really a boring game I have ever played lame story chars. And worst combat system I ever played. As 4 the graphics I would say the only thing it looks good on is the chars, faces and body but not much as KZSF better an everything else and much better of a next gen game then ryse. I personally can't wait 4 next gen crysis and hopefully is better then 3 as crysis 1 and 2 were my favorite.

KiLLUMiNATi_891571d ago

What next gen game looks better then Ryse then? KSF? Nope no way !

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DevilishSix1572d ago

Just my opinion, but Shadowfall and TR: Definitive Edition have better graphics on top of being more open world like than Ryse. So no Ryse is not the best looking game, but I see they are still trying to milk sales for it.

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ThePope1572d ago

Yeah because the hardcore gamers that read this site haven't already made up their mind. But CR says he likes it and now its going to sell 10 million more units. WOW that's incredible!!!

HammerKong1572d ago

the thing is that ,you have never played ryse but only have saw some very little videos ,it is truly the best looking next gen game ,not saying that kz sf looks bad ,these both are best looking so far and dont only gives the taste of next gen but bring you to the true nnext gen in terms of graphics. and how can you give a opinion until you play both on your consoles ,and technically also the game is good ,it is running it 900p at stable and locked 30fps ,many fanboys youse to say that the game use to fall at 14fps ,hell where they use to read this shit when this game fall at 14fps and must know that 14fps is totally unplayable ,totally and even 25fps can create many problems like bugs like looking things on screen ,the only game so far on xb1 that us eto see fps dips is the dr3 which falls to 24fps only one for 2 times throught the game and only at those places which use to have more than 200 enemies on screen at an average and solid wether theseare the only conditions where you can see dips ,but they are very less and patches have already solved these problems .

1572d ago
GreenRanger1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I have yet to see a game on PS4 or Xbox One that impresses me graphically. Maybe I set my expectations a bit too high with the next gen consoles, because right now they're both completely underwhelming.

epoxe1572d ago

Well they are running on "old" pc hardware effectively. No surprises here. Consoles are what they have always been, a cheap no fuss no muss way to play some games. Consoles will never make you say "WOW".

DoubleM701571d ago


I have seen something done on the PS3 that were done in God of War 3 and Uncharted that made me go WoW. Xbox had it's momments also the bridge scene in Gears of War 3 was Fantastic.

starchild1571d ago

When you play on PC a lot, yes, the new consoles simply don't wow you. That's because you have already seen better graphics in PC games.

Still, nobody can argue that we haven't seen a large jump in how games look in general. The whole scale has been moved upwards thanks to the release of the new consoles.

JackVagina1572d ago

Killzone looks just as good but runs in 1080p and a higher framerate

HammerKong1572d ago

first it is running at locked 30fps ,and resolution does not make game look better they only use to make it more clear and sharp ,it does not increase lighting,polygons,triangles,an itialising etc .this is a fact ,not saying ps4 will not have better graphics but there will be competition between both and them for now ryse is better looking ,in future any game can look better ,just hold your breath,order is coming in 2 weeks ,quantum break is coming at e3 and get ready to be blown buy both of these.

dantesparda1571d ago

Speak English kid and get your facts right. KZ SP mode runs at unlocked 30+ fps, stop spreading your bullsh!t. Also to Balls in his eyes, Eurogamer never said that. Get your facts right to. MS fanboys are so misinformed

BallsEye1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

and no AA at all in KZ. Eurogamer anti-xbox site even said themselves Ryse look better in 900p and with great AA techniques they used than most native 1080p games.


pyramidshead1571d ago

Anti-xbox site, seriously? Didn't they do about 4 articles on the Xbox one technical fellows and internal architecture? lmfao tinfoil hats on boys, we got a live one ;).