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ArmGunar1571d ago

3DS LL – 26,042
Vita – 20,457
PS3 – 14,100
3DS – 11,420
Wii U – 8,072
PSP – 3,366
Vita TV – 1,789
Xbox 360 – 260

Can't wait to see PS4 numbers !

RPG_Lover1571d ago

Everything but 3DS is seling terribly.

3DS should see a boost this week, but everything should drop even further.

Zefros1571d ago

If 3ds is selling good then vita is too lol. Only 6k diff.

Faztkiller1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Actually the 3DS sold like 37,000 right cause you have to add them together? But vita is doing OK. I have no idea why people pick 3DS over a vita.

Concertoine1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

17k difference counting both 3ds models. Vita is doing pretty good though, its been a while since its last major release.
Edit: 15k difference if you count vita tv sales.

ABizzel11571d ago


Your comment was fine until you made it a competition. "I have no idea why people pick 3DS over a vita."

Japan: Because 3DS receives SIGNIFICANTLY more Japanese developer support, and has proven and established IP's on the platform.

EU: Proven IP's and entry price helps it outsell the Vita.

NA: Again, Proven IP's and entry price helps it outsell the Vita.

The Vita should pick up the pace once, Vita TV hits EU and NA, but they need to patch all the problems first and replace that DualShock 3 with a DualShock 4 and allow the touch pad to work like the front touch screen.

On a side note, after looking at all these sales charts, the 3DS is blowing away in Japan, but actually only doing well in NA and EU. Looking at the PS3 and 360 sales they were pulling in 6 - 8 million annually in their best region alone, while the 3DS is just doing great across each region 4M NA and EU, 5M Japan (the real success story).

It also has me wondering just how much the PS4 is going to sale when it launches. Since sales for everything are way down, from January of 2013.

Hicken1571d ago

I miss the days when Nintendo fanboys were banished to the dark recesses of this site. Dealing with Xbox fanboys is bad enough; having to put up with delusional comments like this us almost enough to drive a crazy man sane.

Numbers are down for everything. The 3DS is only doing well because of having two SKUs.

In any case, that will likely change once the PS4 launches soon. Expect better Vita sales, and if Sony ever gets around to the compatibility problem, the Vita TV should see a significant increase as well.

Concertoine1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Im not even a nintendo fanboy... im stating facts. Vita has 2 SKU's. Vita and vita slim. 3 counting vita tv. The 2ds isnt out in japan.
Theyre both selling okay considering theres a bit of a game drought and the ps4 is coming soon, i dont get why you bash him for downplaying vita then go and downplay the 3ds.
This site, geez.

RPG_Lover1571d ago

Vita has 3 SKU's and its selling the way it is.

VITA tv and vita slim are selling so badly they arent even tracking.

GribbleGrunger1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

The Vita numbers ARE the Vita 'slim' numbers. The original Vita was fazed out ages ago in Japan. I've seen spinning but this is getting ridiculous. Starting to get a little worried?

fonger081571d ago

You forgot sony and PC fanboys, because we can't make the argument that all fanboys suck? If you could have told 10yr old me that I could own 3 major gaming consoles, a phone that plays games and a gaming PC? I would have been on the all fanboys suck bandwagon a long time ago.

Yep1571d ago

You would miss the days when only the voices in your head existed. Wake up and smell the roses man. Sony isn't the only gaming company out there.

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Hicken1571d ago

The Vita only has two SKUs. That's obvious from the list. And as, as I stated, Vita TV is hampered by game compatibility problems.

As for fanboys, I tune out Sony fanboys, and PC fanboys have always been an annoyance.

@Concert: I'm not downplaying the 3DS at all, putting it in perspective: the 3DS is doing well because of that secondary SKU, speaking purely of numbers. I know full well that it's the library that's pushing the 3DS's numbers.

Concertoine1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Okay thanks for clarifying.
To be honest i never see the vita tv doing well in japan, at least. If the portable vita is having trouble in a largely portable-centric market the one chained to the tv will suffer moreso. They should have launched VTV in NA or EU first, at least consoles sell better there.

windblowsagain1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

What are you on about.

Nothing is selling good.

3DS LL 26,000
VITA 20,000

RPG_Lover1571d ago

3DS is selling 10k higher, and next week will likely sell 100k next week because of dragon quest.

100k vs probably less than 20k?

its terrible.

sherimae24131571d ago

100k? well lets see, ill quote u for this ok!!!!

and do u even know that the 3ds is down YoY its declining
and the VITA is up YoY

yes the 3ds is selling ahead of all platforms this week but overall performance compared to last year its worrisome

and what would u do if the 3ds doesnt sell 100k next week?
hide on a turtle shell? jke ^_^

Masterman2801571d ago

plus 3DS – 11,420

3DS total- 37,420.

Amigaengine1571d ago

If the Vita is selling miserably then what do we call the WiiU ?

GreenRanger1571d ago

Nintendo fans: Laugh at Vita sales numbers and try not to draw attention to the Wii U sales numbers.

Sony fans: Laugh at Wii U sales numbers and try not to draw attention to Vita sales numbers.

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