Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Is Really Short (But That Doesn't Actually Matter)

NowGamer: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes might not even last you two hours and the reaction to that news has been an angry one. Why?

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Palitera1328d ago

Positively. It's a great length for a demo.

SoulMikeY1328d ago

Considering you can speed run through MGS 1-3 with no side quests to offer, no I doesn't matter. These same fools complaining right now have spent full price for lesser games. Quality and length.

It's annoying that people complain about $20 for this. And if you are spending more, that's all your fault. Shit, if you're spending ANY money that's STILL your fault. Plus, all the extras such as side missions and collectables, probably a 9 or 10 hour game, more than most $60 games.

So yes, act like a 12-year old bullied kid and disagree or argue, but I'm right.

Kyosuke_Sanada1328d ago

I have 40 reasons why it does.......

SnakeCQC1328d ago

You can replay it in many different ways. Im still going to pick it up.

Kyosuke_Sanada1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Where do you live? I have a Playstation Underground Jampack I want to sell you for 60 bucks....

dennett3161328d ago

Not everyone likes to play the same missions over and over again in order to get "value", it gets repetitive and irritating. No problem with them selling a short game, but £30 is too much.
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was only £12 at it's most expensive, and was available quite a bit cheaper during sales...and it was 3-4 hours. That's about right. I think people are letting them get away with murder just because it's a Metal Gear game. If EA pulled this nonsense with a Dead Space game, people would lose their minds.

listenkids1328d ago

To do everything will probably take you 8 hours, if you're not comfortable with money, don't buy it.

dennett3161328d ago

And people won't. That doesn't mean that people shouldn't say they don't think it's good companies need to be told when they're under-delivering on value. Silence would just ensure more and more companies break off parts of a game to sell at unreasonable prices.

Joe9131328d ago

Smart ppl will because they realize that the story part is 2 hours if you seen the list of achievements then you would know there are other missions just have nothing to do with the story a lot like the vr mission game which a lot of ppl liked so I do not see the problem plus the price range from $20 to $40 ppl act like they are asking flat out for $40 if price is a issue get digital on last gen for $20 that is fair then get TPP on current gen when it come out or wait a year and see if it come with TPP I know ppl going to say but they want the disk on ps4 I do to but if price was such a factor I rather have it digital on my ps3 instead of not getting it at all like a lot of ppl claim they will do

Zichu1328d ago

I don't think I would mind if it was that short and wasn't so expensive, but it is.

Like I said in a previous article, I'm going to wait for more news on MGS V to see if they include GZ with it at no extra cost or just wait for a massive price drop.

-Foxtrot1328d ago

Yeah it does.....don't just ignore it because it's Kojima

Did we all pay for Snakes Tanker missions in we didn't

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1328d ago

Again dude, Kojima doesn't decide the price. At least learn how the industry works a bit before pointing fingers at whoever is popular.

Snookies121328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

He didn't decide the price, but he did decide how long the game would be... I mean, come on. A 2 hour game? Why not just include this with Phantom Pain and have a longer complete game rather than try to cash in on a long demo? It's absurd, and this kind of practice shouldn't be supported.

-Foxtrot1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

1) He still probably cut this to sell it separately. Its basicaly what Capcom did with Case Zero in Dead Rising 2


2) He's quite high up in Konami he probably gets a say on most things, like the price

Joe9131328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Exactly I'm sure kojima choose how much his games are going to cost hell if he has so much control why even work for Konami lol ppl are crazy if they really think Kojima make those types of choices he is a employee of Konami I'm sure he create his own deadlines but to say he control pricing is a bit much

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