The New Generation Already Has A Trend, And It’s Big

An EGMR journalist talks about an emerging trend that is already being set by the new generation of video game consoles: the PS4 and Xbox One.

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MatrixxGT1535d ago

Love open worlds. At least sony won't be holding that type back because of their architecture this time around. Just about all open world games last worked much better on 360. Now with much better hardware we can hope to see nice impressive worlds and spawn new IPs. Bring it on I'm ready!

MikeGdaGod1535d ago

lol...u can't be serious

"Just about all open world games last worked much better on 360."

BigFnHooters1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Seriously deluded.

The PS3 absolutely crushed the Xbox 360 in:

* Amount of geometry per scene
* Storage space for world data 25/50GB vs 6.7GB
* Physics processing power
* Pixel pushing power/resolution
* Animation
* Materials and lighting

Even launch games on the PS3 had massive 30 vs 30 player in gigantic environments with level geometry sizes that were not possible on the 360. Instead the 360 was only able to handle gimped games like Gears of War that only had 4 v 4 players and tiny constrained worlds.

It is sad to think what a game like GTA IV could have been if it hadn't been ruined/gimped by the 360's wimpy graphics hardware and PS2/Xbox era 6.7GB disc space.

MysticStrummer1535d ago

"Just about all open world games last worked much better on 360."

Much better? No.

MikeGdaGod1535d ago

GTAV was on 2 disc on 360

porkChop1535d ago

"Just about all open world games last worked much better on 360."

I seem to remember Rockstar saying the 360 held GTA IV back and caused them to cut back a lot of content.

MatrixxGT1535d ago

Lol @ above. You guys take every damn comment here as fact. Yes gta v worked well but how long did it take to get a solid performing open world game like that to run on ps3? Where was witcher 2? Should I mention any bethesda games like fallouts and tes? I love sony but open world games ran smoother on 360 for most of last gen. I had both, I experienced both.
I was only implying that open worlds should be much easier to run on this new hardware than before and that makes me happy. Know I see how xb fans feel all you have to do is mention anything related to MS and you'll get the haters swinging bats at ya lol. Good riddance.

BigFnHooters1534d ago

I don't think anyone should really be surprised that there are people like MatrixxGT that are this utterly delusional. There are still Dreamcast fans who honestly swear their system was just as powerful as the PS2 and they 'have specs to prove it'.

It's one thing to really have no grasp of console graphics hardware. But seven years after a console launches and utterly crushes its competition in graphics like the PS3 did to the 360 you really have to just shake your head.

MatrixxGT1534d ago


LOL why are you bringing up specs and old consoles? Congrats captian obvious! Its pretty obvious ps3 has better exclusives/graphics but there was plenty open worlds that just didn't run as smooth. I hope you feel better, always having something to prove isn't good for your health.

3-4-51535d ago

Shrink the worlds....give me more to do within them

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ThePope1535d ago

Looks what's already coming down the pipeline; Dragon Age, The Witcher, Destiny. All these games will be amazing.

vikingland11535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Last gen FPS's this gen MMORPG's seems to be the trend. I'm fine with that because I love RPG's. I do agree with the article some what but we already had open world games on ps3 & xb360.

Spenok1535d ago

Um... I think you have MMORPG and MRPG confused (and MRPG isn't even a term lol, just made it). Open world games and MMO's are very different things. MMO's are coming out all over the place, sure. However non-MMO's are still the more common games.

Not sure if your comment was intentional or not. But just in case I wanted to make sure you understood.

vikingland11535d ago

MMORPG is an older acronym for massive multiplayer online role playing game. Like WoW is a MMORPG and FF14 and ESO are all MMORPG's.

Spenok1534d ago

Exactly. I have been playing them since EQ1. I know what it means. You said/suggested that MMOs are the new FPS. As in FPS's were the big genre of last generation, and now MMOs are taking that torch.

When this article clearly said that Open world games will be the new norm. As in NOT MMOs.

assdan1535d ago

I noticed this trend immediately. This is because we've finally got consoles that can run them well! Have you seen the screens for Infamous SS? Those graphics would be really good for a linear game.

BlackCarrot1535d ago

I think the trend tends to be flowing towards making your own gameplay experience instead of arbitrarily following X to finish job Y. Look at DayZ or Minecraft - there's no objective there, people just play it. I'd say DayZ is where a lot of games will head in the future.

Nevertheless, there will always be a call for arcade style games. I still play Burnout 3.

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