Is it possible to make a game without graphics?

games™ talks to Incus Games about building videogames for the blind, the under-appreciation of sound design in the industry and the challenges that come with stripping away the graphical interface players are used to.

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SlappingOysters818d ago

Yes, check out Papa Sangre II - - it's a game you play with your eyes closed on an iPad. Its narrated by Sean Bean (from Lord of the Rings) and it has him trying to lead you in the afterlife. Pretty cool.

gamesTM_dom818d ago

We played quite a bit of Papa Sangre when we were researching this - along with Vanished & The Nightjar, too. It's a facet of the industry we're keen to see develop more, and the guys at Incus are really keen on pushing it in the right direction

TimmyShire817d ago

Does Sean Bean die in Pada Sangre?

Irishguy95817d ago

It's not possible for Sean Bean to survive in a story, but see in this case...he's starts off dead. Paradox anyone?

4ShotKing817d ago

I know a game that doesn't have graphics, every gamer right now is playing it until March, it's called, "The Waiting Game".

Ultr817d ago

There is a blind gamer that plays the original Oddworld.
That works because there is a sound for every action, also when you hit a wall, etc.

gamesTM_dom817d ago

We'll check that out - not heard of that before. That must take some serious trail/error patience.

Relientk77817d ago

Doesn't that mean it's the blind leading the blind, literally lol.

Seriously though that's awesome Oddworld rocks.

Perjoss817d ago

At the eurogamer expo i played an audio only game which was quite interesting, cannot remember the name though.

gamesTM_dom817d ago

That's where we first heard of Three Monkeys - this could very well be the game you played!

twdll817d ago

There were games in the early 80s that only used text. No graphics... except for your imagination.

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