Flappy Bird Creator: "People are overrating the success of my games"

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has expressed frustration on his official twitter over the press "overrating the success of [his] games" and has asked for people to give him peace.

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fredpinta1566d ago

Oh come on shut up and enjoy the thousands dollars you're getting for that game

speedforce1311566d ago

When you're getting hounded in your own country it goes beyond the thousands of dollars that you've made. Show some goddamn respect. This guy is a real person and it seems to me that most people see the product and the money and think that the people behind it don't exist.

il-JumperMT1566d ago

Respect for such a soddy programming full of glitches and rip off textures from other games?

speedforce1311566d ago

that doesn't mean you can go to his country and hunt him down!!!

MegaSackman1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

This is getting out of hand, people need to calm down, internet need to calm down.

ironfist921566d ago

Lets hope it knocks Candy Crush off its undeserved pedestal.

voice_of_ reason1566d ago

This is such a terrible game. How it's so popular is beyond my comprehension.

DC7771566d ago

How is he not getting sued by Nintendo? Those are obviously Mario's pipes.

GusHasGas1566d ago

It won't be too long until kids start referring to those pipes as "Those pipes from Flappy Bird", rather than "Those pipes from Mario!"

For kids nowadays, mobile games are like how arcade games once were. This is why, if Nintendo started to focus on mobile games, they could be raking in piles.

Slade231566d ago

Because it's free. if it wasn't, then he would get sued by Nintendo. That's why he didn't took the game that seriously, it wasn't meant to be a seller. Just a game he made by his own free time I guess.

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