GameStop Drops Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition to $10, Still too High for Some

Hardcore Gamer: After a long wait, GameStop has finally admitted defeat and dropped the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition to $10.

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ChaosKnight1536d ago

That's still $20 too high.

Nitrowolf21536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

TBH I heard the Statue is actually nice, I did end up buying it (using this deal) just for that. Will burn game again after

ChaosKnight1536d ago

Yeah but it says "Colonial Marines" on it, making it a constant symbol of failure.

Nitrowolf21536d ago

I am going to sand paper the shit out of that

Play2Win1536d ago

next cod will have statue to play safe :)

rezzah1536d ago

I wouldn't even play it even if it was free.

I rather read a book.

Play2Win1536d ago

What is this thing you're calling a "book"?

showtimefolks1536d ago

talk to me gamestop when you are giving $10 gift cards with getting this for free

and to think some people paid full price

admiralvic1536d ago

I'm half tempted to buy the CE so I can play the game and take my anger out on something.

Riderz13371536d ago

This game isn't even worth pirating...Waste of bandwidth lol.

tanookisuit1536d ago

Man... I paid full price for the CE. This was back when I didn't do enough research on this game (I was so caught up with family and work related things), so when I finally got around to playing it... THE HORROR!

I'm probably the only person on N4G that paid full price for this POS. *SIGH*

Detoxx1536d ago

Dude I'm seriously laughing my ass off :D

showtimefolks1536d ago


but we have to feel his pain

imagine paying that much and getting this game in return lol

Bio_Mod1536d ago

I got on release only standard version though.

It still haunts me.......

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The story is too old to be commented.