How Important Is PlayStation 4's Power Advantage Over Xbox One?

The respective launches of these two consoles saw versions of premier titles from Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI ) (NASDAQ: ATVI ) , Ubisoft (NASDAQOTH: UBSFF ) , and Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA ) offer better performance overall on Sony's console. Will this trend continue throughout the console generation? If so, will it have a significant impact on market share results?

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jaredhart1748d ago

Important for Sony and very important to gamers who care about resolution and framerate.

Just wait 'till the PS4 exclusives start rolling out.

BiggCMan1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I love how everyone is boasting about the better specs of PS4, and how it's gonna matter this gen etc.

Yet for years PC gamers have been trying to say the same damn thing, and they got shot down like cannon fodder from people saying "well graphics aren't important" "Nobody cares about extra resolution or extra frames"

It's amusing really. And now I will get loads of disagrees because I called out hypocrisy, especially to Sony fans.

I love Sony and Playstation, always have and always will. But there are so many hypocrites out there now when it comes to graphics, resolution, and frame rate.

BX811748d ago

I agree. I always thought it's stupid to boast about something that isn't even the strongest. It's about the games and what experience is best for you. These meat heads have gotten way out of hand with all this resolution and spec crap IMO.

n4rc1748d ago

Agreed.. Went PC only after ps2.. No comparison for performance at all..

But console gaming is easy and convienent. No drivers or viruses to worry about etc..

Plus chilling on the couch is more relaxing then sitting at my desk.. So I sold my PC and got a nice non-gaming laptop and grabbed a 360.. Then a ps3

If it's that important for people to have the best performance, youre on the wrong platform lol

MasterCornholio1748d ago

So that's it?

People who buy a PS4 instead of an Xbox One are stupid for spending 400$ on the most powerful console on the market. So instead they should spend 100$ extra for a weaker system or just stick to PC gaming. Thats basically what your saying.

n4rc1748d ago

Lol.. What?

You're reaching pretty far there man..

Nobody is saying or implying anyone get a Xbox over a ps4.. Just pointing out the obvious.. If youre all about resolution and frame rate then a console isn't winning anything..

If nothing else matters all of a sudden, then you're proving what PC gamers have been saying all along.. But before November, performance didn't matter..

MasterCornholio1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )


Even before November performance always mattered. The differences in framerate between Xbox 360 and PS3 ports mattered which is why the majority of multiplats were bought on the Xbox 360. Fast forward to current gen and the performance difference between Xbox One and PS4 games matters.

I care about performance which is why I bought a PS4 instead of an Xbox One because the PS4 will provide a superior experience with multiplats. Granted that PC is better but I like gaming on consoles and for under 500$ the PS4 is the system that provides the best experience with multiplats. I know that exclusives are important but most of the games released are multiplats so it makes sense to get the console that plays them the best.

P.S The only people who don't care about performance are the ones who bought the weaker system. But the truth is that they care about performance otherwise they wouldn't brag about not caring about it in the first place or invent crazy stories to justify their consoles weaker hardware like Mr. Xs blog for example.

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Kingthrash3601748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

it depends your preference.
both have great exclusives...but that not the topic. as far as power goes it depends on if you except what u get.
pay $500 for a weaker powered machine.
or pay $400 for a stronger machine.
its importance depends the gamer who's buying the machine.
imo its a factor but all in all the games and features make a bigger impact than power alone...we all saw that with the wii.
i chose a ps4 for ps+..(outlast free today? yes!)
then the games and trusted devs like nd was my second reason.
third was remote play and a cloud feature i understood and made sense to my preference...(ms cloud for ai? or graphics? both? ps cloud allowing me access to the great games from past sony machines...trophies and mo compatible!? yes!)
lastly was the way sony put gamers above all else.
the power as far as seeing the gap in games so far just made me even more satisfied with my purchase.
both are powerful so power had little to do with my choice.

GamersHeaven1748d ago

Huge considering it's a 100$ cheaper.

theWB271748d ago

Not much at all really. Xbox has the franchises I like more. Ps4 will come down the road. If it were about resolution and framerate I sure as hell wouldn't be wasting my money on consoles. I'd build a PC and get the best experience possible.

Hicken1748d ago

Always this all or nothing attitude with xbox fans when it comes to this. It's so weird: you guys spent SO much time bragging about the tiny advantages the 360 had, but now that stuff's not important. Now, it's "if I wanted better specs and graphics, I'd buy a PC."

The flip-flopping is laughable... But it's also getting tired. How many times will xbox fanboys throw PC into a console debate because their console is no longer on top? Can't recall PS fans of ANY level doing that.

The difference is important to developers. The refund why should be obvious. It's also important to gamers. Particularly, those that haven't decided which console to buy, and those that have both and want the best out of their multiplats.

But it also matters to Playstation only gamers, as that power allows for more things to be done in games(after all, some devs will opt for more effects over resolution or framerate).

It should also matter to xbox only gamers, who should understand that the difference in power- which directly results in a difference in gaming capability- stems from a sacrifice made in order for the XB1 to be a better multimedia device.

theWB271748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

"It should also matter to xbox only gamers, who should understand that the difference in power- which directly results in a difference in gaming capability- stems from a sacrifice made in order for the XB1 to be a better multimedia device."

I'm not sure why you directed that at me. I've never boasted about the multiplat advantages 360 had. I defend the brand and the games...sure.

The reason why it doesn't matter is because I owned PS360. I'm not a Xbox only guy. As much as we've gone back and forth you would know that.

"Can't recall PS fans of ANY level doing that."

Does this apply to me also? I supported Sony last gen..I just signed up for PS+ and I plan on getting a PS4 when I can.

My tags are in my profile.

The reason I NEVER boasted about multiplatform advantage is because I knew consoles weren't getting the definitive version. I played through one Battlefield campaign last gen and didn't touch MP...why because it wasn't the full on BF experience.

I favor XBOX...I've maintained that stance on this site. I've also ALWAYS stated I will game where the games are...which is why I bought a PS3.

I will never be a >insert system here< only gamer. EVER...I don't pledge solidarity to machines. It's stupid as your comment and lumping me in with "XBOX ONLY" gamers. I'd own a monster rig. WiiU, PS4, X1 if I could and STILL favor the Xbox while doing so.

I don't flip flop post history is there. Check it if you want a recap.

UbiquitousClam1748d ago

"Every little helps" - Tesco

PressStart141748d ago

loool i thought that was asda stupid me ain't watched tv for god knows how long

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