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Submitted by zagan06 738d ago | podcast

1985FM Podcast 71: Microsoft leaks, Nintendo's Business Decisions

The 1985FM Podcast kicks off February with:

A slew of Microsoft leaks, regarding upcoming releases in both hardware and software.
Nintendo's re-imagines their business strategy with new games, mobile support, and a health-focused console.
Broken Age and EQ Landmark make up a bulk of "What We've Been Playing"
Community questions ranging from Nintendo's future in home consoles, the legacy of Tom Clancy, and Micro-Transactions.
You can participate in the show LIVE by watching through Google Hangout or YouTube every week @9:30 PST. Submit questions or leave comments! Thanks for your continued support! (3DS, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii U, Xbox One)

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