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Should We See Any More Definitive Editions?

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition seems like a controversial release for a few gamers. Should we see any more next-gen ports like it? (PS4, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Xbox One)

ReKoill  +   415d ago
In a word, no.
AnEwGuY  +   415d ago
That's 4 words. Just "No." should have been your response. ;)
Tsar4ever  +   415d ago
I think Playstation gamers in particular, needs at least 1 last Definitive Edition of of a last gen game.

That game is last gen greatest RPG, "Elder Scrolls 5: SKYRIM", since the PS3 version was such a weak port & plagued with bugs when compared to the *360(*Own it, luv it & currently playing it)

Bethesda would mend dis-bonded angry PS3 gamers by giving all PS4 gamers a hard PORTED PC version of SKYRIM with all the PC bells & whistles, along with all DLC/Dragonborn, Dawngaurd & Hearthfire included on a single BR.

I would more than happy to buy a PC port of The "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition" for the PS4.
dcj0524  +   415d ago
MODS MODS MODS AND MORE MODS OMG. I'd die if they allowed mods downloaded from the browser.
ZodTheRipper  +   415d ago
I'm somehow okay with them because developers use them to get familiar with the new hardware. It's also good for people who didn't play those games before. I for one won't pay twice for the same game though ...I'm glad that Sony has cross-buy so I was able to download the PS4 versions of Flower, Sound Shapes and flOw for free.
amywelshcastle  +   415d ago
I think bringing back old classics is okay, because they genuinely might be hard to find or use in their original form, but re-releasing a year old game is just ridiculous.
BlackTar187  +   415d ago
NO please

Unless of course we talking Demon Souls and Dark Souls.
Grave  +   415d ago
Damn, beat me to it hehe.
CrossingEden  +   415d ago
I'm pretty sure that this is the answer for everyone. "No, except if we're talking about *insert favorite modern game here*."
BlackTar187  +   415d ago
ehh i really liked Battlestations games and MGS4 and Fallouts last gen but im not pumped to replay those definitive games.

Fallout NV and &3 being #3 and #4 on my favorite last gen games.

But i see your point.
Blastoise  +   415d ago
It's ridiculous that they had the balls to call it the "definitive edition".

What the heck were people buying back in 2013 then?
MRMagoo123  +   415d ago
The best version they could make at the time of that hardware as far as i can tell.
Soldierone  +   415d ago
If they come released at full 60 dollars like Tomb Raider, then pass. 40 dollars? Sure lets do this!
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   415d ago
I could use a prettier version of GTA V.
isa_scout  +   415d ago
I want to say no, but if Sony announced a next gen remaster of TLoU with The Left Behind DLC I'd be on it like a bitch in heat...lol
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Zefros  +   415d ago
Only the biggest games like TLOU, GTA, Bioshock etc.
TheRatedD   415d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
cheameup  +   415d ago
I have no problem with it if they are upgrading the game to the new hardware . I never played the original release but I am tempted to get this tomorrow on payday due to the lack of new games on my PS4

obviously if you have played the original its not worth paying full price for it unless you are a huge fan

buyers market. if no one buys it they wont do it again
MatrixxGT  +   415d ago
I didn't play this last gen so I picked it up on ps4. Just beat it last night. Its got an uncharted feel but its very very very well done imo. Great game I even found a copy sitting on the shelf that has a artbook thingy built into the game case and was still only 60. I had a coupon and got it for 40 but I would have paid full retail.

If you've already played it then I can understand the negativity on the price.
Roccetarius  +   415d ago
A thousand times no. If more publishers get the idea, then it'll quickly get out of control. Full priced re-releases with pretty much no additional content. Too bad a large chunk of people will support this.

Either way, i'll not support it.
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zero_gamer  +   415d ago
I am not looking forward to a Target PS4/Xbox One rack full of definitive editions. A game here and there wouldn't be an issue, but saturation would.

I bought a new platform for new games. If I see much less new games and much more of this the whole generation, I won't jump on the PS5 and fourth Xbox bandwagon so fast then.
e-p-ayeaH  +   415d ago
Only if it as high demand like the last of us for example.

I would love to see Red Dead Redemption with a next gen treatment but´s that´s very unlikely haha
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spike  +   415d ago
Canadianfubar  +   415d ago
Yes!! People forget that not everybody played these games on ps3/xbox360.
In the absence of new ip's in the first or even second year, I welcome games, even last gen spruced up, definitive versions of my new console. Better than having no games to play!!
Npugz7  +   415d ago
If there as good as tomb raider than yes!!!
PsylentKiller  +   415d ago
Yes, TR is great. I bought it last year on PC but have been starved for games on my PS4 so I picked it up. I never touched the mp on PC but got into it on the PS4. The mp is a nice change from the BF4 and CoD mp.
I'm hoping that games like TLOU, Dark Souls, Bioshock trilogy, Splintercell series get this kind of treatment.
Dspdspes  +   415d ago
I want NEW games! I'm tired of ports, remakes and ************ editions. Bring on the NEW!!!
ChipChipperson  +   415d ago
Depends. Is it a game that's more than a year or two old, you know has some age to them, includes all its DLC, great improvement in graphics and gameplay performance and releases for 10-20 dollars cheaper than its original retail price? Cool, I'm all for it.

If it's a game that released last year, has slightly better graphics, all DLC and full retail price? Yeah, go f**k yourself.

These next-gen systems' game library should not consist mainly of last-gen games, especially this early on in their life cycle. Let's get some next-gen games with original concepts, stories, design, etc. DLC stuff is almost beyond saving at this point, how about we say no to this type of practice by devs and publishers before it gets out of hand?

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