Should We See Any More Definitive Editions?

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition seems like a controversial release for a few gamers. Should we see any more next-gen ports like it?

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AnEwGuY1081d ago

That's 4 words. Just "No." should have been your response. ;)

Tsar4ever011081d ago

I think Playstation gamers in particular, needs at least 1 last Definitive Edition of of a last gen game.

That game is last gen greatest RPG, "Elder Scrolls 5: SKYRIM", since the PS3 version was such a weak port & plagued with bugs when compared to the *360(*Own it, luv it & currently playing it)

Bethesda would mend dis-bonded angry PS3 gamers by giving all PS4 gamers a hard PORTED PC version of SKYRIM with all the PC bells & whistles, along with all DLC/Dragonborn, Dawngaurd & Hearthfire included on a single BR.

I would more than happy to buy a PC port of The "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition" for the PS4.

dcj05241081d ago

MODS MODS MODS AND MORE MODS OMG. I'd die if they allowed mods downloaded from the browser.

ZodTheRipper1081d ago

I'm somehow okay with them because developers use them to get familiar with the new hardware. It's also good for people who didn't play those games before. I for one won't pay twice for the same game though ...I'm glad that Sony has cross-buy so I was able to download the PS4 versions of Flower, Sound Shapes and flOw for free.

amywelshcastle1081d ago

I think bringing back old classics is okay, because they genuinely might be hard to find or use in their original form, but re-releasing a year old game is just ridiculous.

BlackTar1871081d ago

NO please

Unless of course we talking Demon Souls and Dark Souls.

Grave1081d ago

Damn, beat me to it hehe.

CrossingEden1081d ago

I'm pretty sure that this is the answer for everyone. "No, except if we're talking about *insert favorite modern game here*."

BlackTar1871081d ago

ehh i really liked Battlestations games and MGS4 and Fallouts last gen but im not pumped to replay those definitive games.

Fallout NV and &3 being #3 and #4 on my favorite last gen games.

But i see your point.

Blastoise1081d ago

It's ridiculous that they had the balls to call it the "definitive edition".

What the heck were people buying back in 2013 then?

MRMagoo1231081d ago

The best version they could make at the time of that hardware as far as i can tell.

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The story is too old to be commented.