Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes 'looks slightly better on PS4 than Xbox One' – Kojima

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes "looks slightly better on the PS4 compared to Xbox One", according to Game Informer - a feeling reportedly shared by director Hideo Kojima.

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GamersHeaven1293d ago

So alot better doesn't surprise me still not paying 40$ for a two hour game.

ZodTheRipper1293d ago

Good to see Kojima taking advantage of the hardware.

Yi-Long1293d ago

I just hope it comes with an option to choose the original Japanese voices, with English subs.

It's 2014. There should at least be a CHOICE to pick the original Japanese voices.

Irishguy951293d ago

Can't we just have one final article saying

"All mutliplats will look better on Ps4"

Anyhow, can anyone link me to the length of Ground zeroes interview or whatever?? How do we know that? Pretty shameless but typical after MGS4 had about 5 hours of gameplay.

Akuma071293d ago

Yeah but at least MGS4 had about 5 hours of cutscenes to go with it. So it still felt like a journey!

Akuma071293d ago

Guys seriously, just wait till that extra 8% becomes available to Xbox One devs, they will blow the PS4 out of the water!

(I hope you all have your sarcasm detectors on!)

hulk_bash19871293d ago

Yeah I was pretty excited going in but after finding out its only 2hrd long. I'll probably just wait for the inevitable YouTube playthroughs.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31293d ago

It's been 2 hours at least and that website still isn't working for me.

Peppino71293d ago

Not only taking advantage of the hardware, but also NOT LYING ABOUT IT FOR THE SAKE OF BEING IMPARTIAL!

Sarcasm1293d ago

I'm calling it here, PS4 version is 1080p while XONE is 900p.

indyman771293d ago

Snap! 3RD parties are not just playing sales politics these days. They just admit it! Yeah it looks better on PS4 DUH! It's a superior graphics machines. Now hopefully xbox fans can stop saying PS4 does not have better graphics. This is a developer talking with a game that is on both machines!

mewhy321293d ago

This is awesoke. Devs pushing ps4 without worrying if the bone can keep up.

Mikeyy1293d ago


Not going to happen. Don't you know how large the audio files are going to be? It's a Metal Gear Solid, there will be hours and hours of Audio, just for the English, Kojima filled a 50GB Blu-ray with MGS4, Hell easily do it again with 5, there simply isn't room to cram both English and Japanese audio.

abzdine1293d ago

Here it goes again! i keep wondering how it will be in 2-3 years

showtimefolks1293d ago


also yes we can make one article stating the fact every game will look better on ps4, but what will be the fun in that. All current gen we had to hear it game release after game release how 3rd party games look better on xbox360

just like early ps3 doom and sony going our of business articles back in 2006

what goes around comes around. N4G once was run by xbox defense force but now the Darksiders have taken over lol

morganfell1293d ago

"Pretty shameless but typical after MGS4 had about 5 hours of gameplay."

Almost any game can be done in speed run fashion but that is no measure of actual play time. Plenty of MGS4 reviewers had play times, not including cutscenes, of over 18 hours depending on difficulty and play style. Fitz from GamesRadar had a combined time of 29 hours. OPM was over 19 hours without cutscenes. If you are going to jealously make something up about a game you never played at least get in the believability ball park.

teknx1293d ago

And our wallets... I'm pretty sure when the pricing of The Phantom Pain eventually comes out, I'll be called Broke Snake.

VENOMACR12271292d ago

Wow what a shocker. Games look better on the system with better specs and more power, geez who would have thought.

I hope every game that is multiplatform has awesome articles like this just in case everyone lived in a cave and didn't already know this. This isn't even news anymore, it gets old fast. But I guess it gets PS4 owners happy in the pants section.

Everyone already knows that games will look better on PS4, yet every time there's a multiplatform game there's an article.

Unspoken1292d ago

ikr, it's like saying PC graphics are better than consoles!!!

Breaking news!! PC fans rejoice, 1440p, 120 fps, new game will look better on PC! PS4 version to be cut down to 1080p and try to stay at 60fps with dips into the 30s, worse AA, lower res textures, poor shadow rendering, lighting will take a hit.

PC has better hardware than the PS4. Its good to see developers using all that extra power in PCs.

amiga-man1292d ago

To be fair saying it looked the same would potentially affect PS4 sales of the game as everyone would know they are not making the most of the PS4 hardware.

Saying it looks better is the least he should say

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slimeybrainboy1293d ago

Sell it afterwards for $40, problem solved?

cellur1111293d ago

Except it won't sell for $40 used and once people start realizing it's 2 hours long the price will drop.

dcj05241293d ago

Take it back the same day. Buy it at 12:00 refund at 17:00.

Baccra171292d ago

Unless you're selling it for $10 dollars I'm not buying it. Those prices are ridiculous.

MRMagoo1231293d ago

We really should all not be surprised at all by this news , it will be the same for every single multiplat made, any game not running better on clearly better hardware will be called out. I mean if i had a pc with low specs and a pc with mid specs and they both had the same performance i would want to know what the hell was going on with the devs.

Deividas1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Agreed. F that. I was actually gonna buy this but as soon as i found out how short it is, have no interest in it unless one of my friends buys it, then ill just play that one. Hell no way buying this. You can make it as pretty as you want, still not gonna buy such a short game for that much.

Baccra171292d ago

Same here. Maybe Redbox will have this as a rental.

Lunarassassin1292d ago

Me too.
5 people could rent it everyday!

iiorestesii1293d ago

The cost of the Next Gen version of the game is $30 digital and $40 for the physical copy. $10 cheaper for each on PS3 and X360. It's a prequel to MGS V:The Phantom Pain.

Saigon1293d ago

Now that would make sense! Still a little too much for the 2-hour prequel. maybe it will get better buzz at 19.99.

Tru_Blu1293d ago

Hell, I can see this being a ps+ game in the next 6 months.

morganfell1293d ago

When a developer says 'slightly', well, we know all what that means.

iiorestesii1292d ago

@Saigon Agreed. That price would seem reasonable and fair. But then again, who knows. The game has yet to release and could be deeper than this suggests.

Jughead34161293d ago

Dang!!! It's $40? I didn't know that. Kojima even admitted that it's short. Why is it $40? I thought it would be like $15. Even that's a bit much for 2 hours. The Last Of Us DLC is $15, and I bet I can get 5-8 hours out of it.