Mantle API Causes Washed Out Graphics Compared to Direct X in Battlefield 4

AMD's New Mantle API currently causes Washed Out graphics and fogginess in Battlefield 4 compared to Direct X.

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Muffins12231567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Ouch,did not think their would be a catch to this :C
Well this might affect my future purchase if their is not a solution to this in future. e

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31566d ago

Dat performance increase...

TI_211566d ago

It's yet another bug of the game.
Apparently it doesn't even affect performance.

Skate-AK1566d ago

Did you not read the article? It is just a bug.

windblowsagain1566d ago

What mantle or the game/S.

Yes i have the game on PC.

But it still has alot of bugs, too much clipping issues.

As for Mantle. Early days.

epoxe1566d ago

This is just a bug. The real concern for me is the wasted man hours programming for mantle when AMD still has a minority stake in the GPU industry.

awi59511566d ago

Not when 100 mill plus consoles sell this gen. You may play it down but all of the consoles are AMD and if they sell ill the 200+ mill range its a huge boost to AMD.

kB01566d ago


Consoles sells have little affect on the GPU/CPU industry for AMD.

It help the company a lot but if they can't compete in the computer market, them competiting in the console market is only 1 sided.

Then they should stick to consoles and oem products. That's the impression they give.

I'm not bad mouthing them, but that's how stock holders see things and that how logic is drawn.

So consoles have 0 affect on GPU industry. They need to bump up their PC numbers.

DeadlyFire1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

APUs + GPU + Mantle is AMD's future forward. Who else has CPU/GPU coding tied down so tightly for performance?

Intel? NVIDIA? Nope. They both are just going with the same old same old for now. They have GPU tied with CPU components here and there, but nothing that is integrated like AMD's Mantle API to take full advantage of the hardware. It could shift big performance numbers in AMD's favor on the PC market. It just depends on who and how many develop on their API.

imXify1566d ago

Lol !
In fact I see more realistic colors with Mantle

akurtz1566d ago

I was thinking the same thing. It gets alittle confusing lol.

codelyoko1566d ago

I absolutely agree. More realistic colors. But that is just a chance. Problem is that Mantle did not deliver the colors the Director wanted you to see. Ofcoure its being patched out as we speak.

cyguration1566d ago

Yeah I was just about to say the same thing.

Looks more real to me.

ITPython1566d ago

Mantle does indeed look more realistic. I have a lot of mountains where I live, and unless it's an unbelievably clear day, they will be hazy. And even then on a really clear day, they are still hazed the further you are away from them.

Also the pics aren't great comparisons, as the Mantle shot has a much wider view of the mountains and due to that, see's a lot more of the most distant mountains. Whereas the DirectX one only shows part of the mountains and no long-distance shots of them.

Take two screenshots from identical positions, then we can have a legit comparison.

codelyoko1566d ago

The sky looks better but the mountains dont :P

DeadlyFire1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I like the mantle sky.

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porkChop1566d ago

The colours on the Mantle version look WAY more realistic. BF3 and BF4 look too saturated and stylized to me. I'd prefer they keep the Mantle version the way it is and fix the DX version.

ninjahunter1566d ago

"Mantle glitch causes transition from brown, to grey games, revolution in realism"
I can see the headlines now.

memots1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Sound like someone is trying to make sure direct x doesn't lose on the market. Regardless I have a gtx 770 and I couldn't be happier with everything and the way Bf4 looks.

mysteryraz111566d ago

its hard to tell its a different view and angle

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