Europe Weekly Chart Week Ending 01/25/2014

PS4 61,285 (-15%) 1,913,946
3DS 45,939 (-9%) 12,062,589
PS3 24,053 (-16%) 31,853,330
XOne 17,844 (-16%) 846,602
X360 12,749 (-17%) 24,588,880
PSV 10,242 (-17%) 2,423,529
WiiU 9,895 (-14%) 1,186,397
PSP 9,816 (-26%) 23,903,404
Wii 6,944 (-16%) 33,475,148

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xHeavYx1475d ago

The PS4 dominates, and the PS3 outsold the One

aceitman1475d ago

Whats funny is fifa 14 on ps4 sold twice as many copies than x1 , and it was stand alone on ps4 and it was bundled on x1. Looks like ms strategy giving free copies didnt pay off.

MeknSence1475d ago

You sir "Mister_Dawg" were awarded a bubble. But otherwise than a disgruntled Microsoft employee, PS4 are slaughtering the chart. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Xbone shipped in this territory two weeks before PS4?

jackanderson19851475d ago

don't think they include digital downloads in the chartz and that fifa was technically a digital download

NewMonday1474d ago

PS4 outselling XB1 by 7-2

Mister_Dawg1475d ago ShowReplies(7)
360ICE1475d ago

And PSP competes with Wii U! Unreal.

Gamer19821475d ago

Ps3 outsold the 360 in EU by a ratio of around 10 ps3s for every 7 360s. This generation its 27 ps4s for every 7 xbones. That's a HUGE leap.. More than DOUBLE.. Thats with Sony STILL not being able to keep it in stock 100% in certain places..

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PS4isKing_821475d ago

That's what I'm wondering.

MRMagoo1231475d ago

I think he needs a hug tho , its gotta be hard for the lil guy. I dont know how far he will go when it comes to the world wide sales figures for the end of the month cos its not gonna be pretty for MS, lets support the xbone fanboys give them hugs , say nice things to them and who knows maybe they will use some common sense and get a ps4.

urwifeminder1475d ago

For existing so I have something I may want to actually play.

MasterCornholio1474d ago

For selling more than their previous console. But still the sales for the Xbox One are not impressive at all in Europe.

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sebzhd1475d ago

PS4 rules the World, PS4 rules the 8th generation, forever.

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The story is too old to be commented.