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[Continue Play] Review - Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a game which Remedy Studios has basically made by taking Stephen King’s Duma Key and throwing in a few other twists and turns.

This game is horror done right. Speaking personally, Duma Key is one of my favorite novels. If you love either the game or the book, you should try the other. If you simply like King or horror, you will love this game. This is basically Stephen King – The Game, as the famous writer Alan Wake goes on vacation to Bright Falls, trying to overcome his writers’ block.

Instead, he’s forced into writing a new manuscript, which comes to life under the magic of the otherworldly Dark Presence. You spend the game under constant threat of attack from the Presence and its zombie-like minions, The Taken. (Alan Wake, PC, Xbox 360)

stragomccloud  +   177d ago
This was an amazing game, and is one of the most under rated titles of the generation. This was my 2010 pick for game of the year.
coolbeans  +   177d ago
Same here.
deno  +   177d ago
Completely agree. Bubbles for you sir!
R1V3N  +   177d ago
picked it up and expansion in a bundle ages ago for a couple of bucks, might install when i get home and give it a bash
deno  +   177d ago
One of the best games I ever played. I love the story, characters, and environment. Hopefully Remedy makes 3rd one.
Xristo  +   177d ago
Great story, great game! I felt like I was in a Stephen King book/movie.

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