5 PS4 exclusives to look forward to in 2014

2014 has been off to a relatively slow start, but that doesn’t mean PS4 owners have nothing to look forward to in the coming months. Between huge blockbusters from AAA studios to small indie downloads, there’s something for everyone this year. Here are 5 PS4 exclusive games to look forward to in 2014…

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UltimateMaster1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Indeed 5 Great Games I will be playing.
I hope Natural Doctrine gets a US release.
Still waiting for that new The Order 1886 trailer.

showtimefolks1505d ago

Infamous 2nd son
Drive Club
The order 1886

3 games i am very much looking forward to.

But i think we will see few more big exclusives this year that we don't know about as of now. So expect atleast 1-2 blockbuster AAA exclusives for fall 2014

I don't see Uncharted coming out this year. so maybe the new game from LBP stdio or maybe LBP3 done by studio that did it for Vita

IMO if there is one exclusive that can change the balance of power in more is Drive Club. Driving genre is one type of games which can sell in bunches id you do something special. I hope sony realizes that, don't push DC until its 100% ready

and please forgive me how could i have forgotten this:

MLB the show, i am ashamed of myself. Hue MLB fan, can't believe i forgot about the best bestball game of last 5-6 years

Freak of Nature1505d ago

To me seeing just one game under Media molecules umbrella would be ideal. But two? That would be sheer bliss.

I would love to see something soon from a few of the upcoming big hitters, like Deep down, SSM's new Ip's, at least one of them, anything from Naughty "Gods" is something very high on my most wanted list. Some new news on "The last gaurdian" would also be most welcome...Just to name a few...I hope we get 1 or 2 of these this year in some surprise release announcement to join The Order...

FamilyGuy1505d ago

Deep Down needs to be added to this lit, I don't care how they cram it in there.

joab7771505d ago

Im just a little bit worried until I actually see what's up with Deep Down. I am afraid of what a Capcom f2p game might look $10 to change hair!

FamilyGuy1505d ago

There's no point in worrying about possible negative outcomes, possibilities are endless.
It's better to complain once there's something to actually complain about.

At its base it's "free" so if they do something wrong we can give feedback. Hopefully they're paying attention to our concerns already.

Magicite1505d ago

This is a great year for Playstation, just look at all the exclusives:
Tales of Symphonia
Atelier Escha & Logy
Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD
inFAMOUS: Second Son
Kagero: Darkside Princess
Demon Gaze
The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers
Ready to Run...
and many more!
Prepare your wallets, gentleman!

HappyWithOneBubble1505d ago

Why is MLB the Show never on these list? It's my most wanted game.

captainexplosion1505d ago

Because baseball is for people who don't have the hand-eye coordination to watch basketball.

bennissimo1505d ago

And basketball is for wimps who don't like to get hit. Like soccer.

DoctorJones1505d ago

If you want a real mans game play Rugby. None of that dressing up with massive shoulder pads and helmets nonsense not wanting to get hit properly.

hellzsupernova1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Wat doctor jones said.

And just so people don't freak out too much some of those hits in that video weren't legal tackles and players would have been punished

Really excited to see the order in action

Bloodjunkie1505d ago

Very good year for PS4 gamers!! can't wait

ObiWanaTokie1505d ago

i want evolve gameplay meow!!

captainexplosion1505d ago

I hope, and expect, Sony to have a couple big unannounced games that will release in 2014 because right now they don't have much. Between the PS4 and Vita there is really only Infamous and The Order. Im hoping for Ratchet and Clank and LBP.

dcj05241505d ago

Toukiden,Gravity Rush 2,and Drive Club to name a few more. Also rachet and clank releases at the worst time to release a current gen game last year in november so let him rest for at least a year.

hellzsupernova1505d ago

Or come up with something new.....

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