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GTA 5 for Xbox One and PS4 Is expected to Have Low Earnings

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter wrote a research report relating to Take-Two financial results, in which he revealed that an Xbox One and PS 4 release of GTA 5 will not be as popular as the Xbox 360 and PS 3 versions. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

GarrusVakarian  +   659d ago
"in which he revealed that an Xbox One and PS 4 release of GTA 5 will not be as popular as the Xbox 360 and PS 3 versions"

Well duh.... last gen has a much bigger install base than current gen. He actually gets paid to say things like that? I wish i had his job.
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hay  +   659d ago
There's aboot 160m PS3/360s, compared to ~10m PS4/Ones. They should expect at most 1/16th of the sales, but considering the fact "next-gen" haven't really started yet(still waiting for first truly next generation title), should be much nothing below Call of the Same: Ghosts which leeched 1.6m 70$ piles from wallets. GTA 5 is obvious next-gen contender.

1.5-2m isn't that low. Could top PS4/One lists if released now.
minimur12  +   659d ago
So this guy is saying that 32 million copies wont be sold in 4 months? Damn....

UltimateMaster  +   659d ago
State the obvious.
Smaller install base means less sales.
thekhurg  +   659d ago
They'll get my business. I skipped the old gen version with the hope that a next-gen release would happen.
GhostTurtle  +   652d ago
If it were to release in 2 months, Im willing to bet it would sell at least 1 mil on both consoles. Maybe another 500k-750k on PC. This would be my prediction just for the first couple of weeks. Thats not too bad, let alone an unexpected later release drawing more sales.
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BX81  +   659d ago
Then get your degrees buddy.
guitarded77  +   659d ago
Even with a degree and experience, they aren't just handing out jobs like that. I wish they were.

ON TOPIC: With a GOTY edition with DLC, the game will sell enough to be very profitable on next-gen and PC. Hell, GTAV was turning profit after day 1, and it was one of, if not the most expensive game ever developed.

PC, PS4 and XBOX One versions are a no-brainer.

I'd also like to see Dark Souls 2, Batman Arkham Origins and Castlevainia LoS 2 get next gen ports. They're falling into that window of people converting, and may miss some PS360 sales if they don't add next-gen (this-gen... this is confusing) ports.
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BX81  +   659d ago
Lmao only on n4g would people disagree with education.

@ guitar. I agree but without out either you have already taken your self completely out of the picture. Not saying you in specific but in general.
JaredH  +   659d ago
I think he's talking about attach rates but I'm not sure. I know that if it came to next gen later this year with carried over mp characters and new DLC or something I would probably pick it up again. I'm also assuming the mp world would hopefully be more populated like the single player world and improved graphics would be nice.

I put 100+ hours into it and would definitely replay the single player and play the multiplayer more if they actually had better modes and I'd rather wait for a goty-like next gen version to have a bunch of new things to do then pop in the current version every now and again for small updates like the beach bum pack.
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bryam1982  +   659d ago
is an amazing game man i cant believe all the details they put whit this old consoles i can't imagine the wonders they'll do whit ps4 I'm 100% sure they'll combine los santos vice city and san andreas in one big game so this tome we'll be able to go to.the airport.get a plane to each city rockstar you guys are gods
Lucreto  +   659d ago
They sold about 36 million copies can't remember the exact number. You are not going to get huge figures when there are only about 10 million current gen consoles on the market.

If anything they could get a million or 2 out of it and they get experience on the new consoles so their next game will be that much better.
Goro  +   659d ago
32.5 million.
Lucreto  +   659d ago
KwietStorm  +   659d ago
Killzone alone sold over 2 million on PS4. GTA V could get "a million or 2" without trying, especially seeing how fast these consoles are selling.
Lucreto  +   659d ago
True. I didn't get GTA V because I am waiting for the PS4 version. If I knew Tomb Raider was doing the same I would have waited.
isa_scout  +   659d ago
You don't say, this guy must be a genius of some kind.
m0lt0n  +   659d ago
Until proven otherwise, i'm going to assume that any article/opinion that uses "GTA" and "Low Earnings" in the same sentence is nonsense. All this franchise does is make money. Even with the lower install base, it will sell like hot-cakes.
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badboy776  +   659d ago
Rockstar don't do it.
urwifeminder  +   659d ago
Any news on a pc version yet that's what I am waiting for know nothing about the game and trying to keep it that way.
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   659d ago
I hope R* doesn't hear this and agree with him.

If they release this in June, as rumored, the games available for next-gen will still be relatively low.

It's an easy way to sell another 10 million or so copies of GTA V.
mhunterjr  +   659d ago
Well I sure as hell would repay for it... it sold 36 mil, so chances are the folks who have next gen consoles already own it from the previous gen
Tedakin  +   659d ago
I don't really even get the point of putting this out on next gen.
KwietStorm  +   659d ago
So I'm assuming you feel the same about every game that's already gotten a next gen port?
DanielGearSolid  +   659d ago
Porting GTA Online to next gen would make sense... Maybe, idk... but I agree that the full package wouldn't sell as much, unless its a game of the year edition that adds much more to the total package
Rickgrimes95  +   659d ago
Look at tomb raider that's selling pretty well on ps4 an Xbox
DanielGearSolid  +   659d ago
I think the difference is ppl that wanted werent about to wait for next gen.

With Tomb Raider more ppl were probably on the fence or waiting for a price drop, next gen probably pushed them over the edge... But im no expert, who knows
quinten488  +   659d ago
Tomb Raider will cost $40 by the end of this month, guaranteed.
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porkChop  +   659d ago
It's not meant to have big earnings. It's meant to a) build a fanbase on new systems, and b) get the developers more experienced with the new hardware.
RoboticusRex  +   659d ago
Pachter is kinda an idiot. He sure does yap a lot though.
AnEwGuY  +   659d ago
$10 million (being generous) to port it, another $50 million to market it (most of which could be paid for by MS and/or Sony), and it will probably sell 1.5-2 million copies on each console in the first 6 months. It's a no-brainer, no matter how you cut it, much like Pachter is a no-brainer. :o
Corpser  +   659d ago
It will be the best selling xb1 and ps4 game
vinniects  +   659d ago
maybe on ps4, but titanfall will crush it on xbox1
Unreal01  +   659d ago
No, I'm pretty confident it wouldn't.
PureTruth  +   659d ago
Is this a confirmation that GTAV is for sure coming out on next gen and PC? I hope so...
Dspdspes  +   659d ago
Pesonally I'm tired of "remakes" or wathever you want to call it. I've played it on ps3. PERIOD. I'm not planning to buy it again. I want new games, not just hd versions of games I've already played. Enough with the lazyness. Make NEW games.

This is only my opinion, don't kill me :)
Freddy_Millz1  +   659d ago
I understand your statement but its not a remake, its a port. It wont be HD super upscaled and what not but lightly smoothed over to sell on the new consoles. There are in fact a few ppl out there that missed out on it or got rid of their old systems and want to play it once more. (maybe then Rockstar can get its F*CKING SHlT TOGETHER AND GET TO WORK ON THAT NEW CONTENT!!!!!!)

You are 1000% right tho, new systems need new games, get this ball rolling already!
Dspdspes  +   659d ago
Well said. Have a bubble ;)
Freddy_Millz1  +   659d ago
Without even reading the artical and reading the 1st comment from Lukas, im gonna take a wild guess and assume that the comment is from Michael Pachter. *Reads intro under headline*......F*CKIN NAILED IT!!!!
PersonMan  +   659d ago
I would buy this for the PS4 in a heartbeat. Larger draw distances, less pop-in, less geometry pop-in, higher res textures, higher res reflections, more particles... the list goes on!
vitorizzo  +   659d ago
if they just brought gta online with more stuff to do to the next gen consoles i think alot of people would enjoy that
cerpintaxt44  +   659d ago
im so sick of Patcher shit no one cares, is gta5 even confirmed for next gen yet? half the garbage he says ends up being false and every damn day there is a new Patcher story top billed on N4G stop clicking on these damn articles
Onenyte  +   659d ago
Is he being paid for this shit ?
jmc8888  +   659d ago
Geez Pachter, I didn't know a game that launches on consoles that combined might have 12 million units sold (if June rumor is right) + PC users would sell as well after they were already on sale for consoles that had >180 million units sold.

What I do know is that many people want to play this game at 1080p/60 or beyond and that many people, me included, held off buying it so they could get the proper version it was meant to be.

Many people have talked about double dipping and getting the PC or PS4/XB1 version after already playing it on last gen consoles.

This thing will still sell really well. The TV commercials showed a version better then the PS3/360 were capable of, so it's not like they didn't already have it up and running in a superior fashion and probably could have released the PC version at the same time or not too long after the PS3/360 if they really wanted to.

I don't blame them for holding it back though, it's going to look massively better then the last gen console versions, and the PS4/XB1 launching meant delay so they could release the better versions all at once.
quaneylfc  +   659d ago
I found it overrated in the first place, nothing but technical brilliance.
bohemian 23  +   659d ago
They used Xbox 360 and PS3 as the beta versions. The " we have ideas for content that would last 10 years" was clearly with xbox one and ps4 in mind.
Gamer666  +   659d ago
This looks to be a strategy that devts and pubs are taking this generation. Take a game that was successful (Tomb Raider, GTA V, Rayman Legends, etc.) and port it to next gen. I doubt they expect to make much money from it but what it really does is give the devts and pubs money while they are learning the new consoles, which is invaluable.

That way, when they start devting true next gen games they already have a game engine to start with that is sitting on the new console architectures.
Megaton  +   658d ago
Will buy day-1 on my PS4. Same with a Last of Us port for PS4.
NeoTribe  +   658d ago
So was tomb raiders.
bobbyv117  +   658d ago
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