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Alistair "not a party member" in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Morrigan art released

Executive producer Mark Darrah has confirmed that Dragon Age: Origin's Alistair is "not a party member" for the Inquisitor in the upcoming sequel, but that doesn't rule out a possible cameo appearance.

BioWare has also announced an initiative to help fan artists and cosplayers by releasing "detailed, descriptive, high-resolution character designs" before it launches. (Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

GamersHeaven  +   539d ago
Peter_Warrior  +   539d ago
I think I'm going to play DA:O back again.
I feel like I still stink of DA2
Bebedora  +   539d ago
I am thinking likewise.

This is an incredibly long wait for a game I am just hoping to be that (personal) PS4 seller.
Well, this one and The Witcher 3.
Captain Qwark 9  +   539d ago
i hated DA2 for years....then i went back early last year and played it and actually really enjoyed it. when i first got it, i wanted an orgins 1.5 what i got was not what i wanted. pissed off i put it down. went in with a bit more of an open mind and really enjoyed it. im still hoping 3 is much more like origins and origins is def the better game but DA2 is not bad by any means
Maxor  +   539d ago
So at which point did you start enjoying the repetitive copy and paste dungeons and warehouses?
Captain Qwark 9  +   538d ago

lmao im not saying it wasnt flawed but it was still good fun. the combat was enjoyable and the story was real good. it is what it is, no amount of bitching is going to change it. try to enjoy it for what it was and hope the sequel is better or skip it, hope for a better sequel and move on. nobody is forcing you to do either
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Bhuahahaha  +   539d ago
good i dont like the guy anyway
oghren rules em all
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tanookisuit  +   539d ago
Cassandra filling the 'tank' role, I guess.
MatrixxGT  +   539d ago
They turned morrigan into a early 1900's housewife.
SuperSquirrel  +   539d ago
Ye. Morriagan in a ball gown just aint the same. For starters, She's missing her world-renowned side-boob.
nope111  +   539d ago
Thank god.
Eamon  +   539d ago
Well he is King (if you chose that) by the end of Dragon Age. I do hope he gets more than a cameo appearance. He needs to be somewhat relevant in the world of DA:I.
Peter_Warrior  +   539d ago
I hope Morrigan rips that gown early in the game. It'd be painful to see her in that corset and such a ridicolous skirt. She's the witch of the wyld, isn't she?

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