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Submitted by RuleNumber5 663d ago | news

'InFamous: Second Son' has combat that's incredibly better than previous games

One of the most anticipated PS4 titles has got to be InFamous: Second Son and given the amount of time and hard-work Sucker Punch has put into this next game, it's sure to be one that blows people away from a visual and gameplay standpoint.

Recently, Sucker Punch founder Brian Fleming talked how difficult the early stages of the game's development was as well as the improvements the studio has made to InFamous: Second Son's combat. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

ZodTheRipper  +   663d ago
Can't wait to see this myself, hopefully every power has it's own set of melee combos.
GarrusVakarian  +   663d ago
" hopefully every power has it's own set of melee combos."

That's what im hoping too, but i haven't seen any videos showing a neon melee attack. Maybe Delsin could have neon fists and every time he punches a neon shockwave comes off with particles everywhere, that would be awesome.
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ZodTheRipper  +   663d ago
Definately, melee was awesome in Infamous 2 already
Can't wait to see why they even call it "incredibly better" now.
Irishguy95  +   663d ago
I believe the neon melee attack...was the neon sprint thing? In a recent interview we were told the controls. In smoke mode it's chain melee, in Neon mode it's the sprint? Or maybe i'm wrong, however I think the powers vary even more than we currently know
Lboogieskells  +   663d ago
Neon melee attack replaced with sprint action. But I have hopes for the other powers . The more melee the better.
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pedrof93  +   663d ago
I just found out, this game is a TPS ? Isn't it ?
FamilyGuy  +   663d ago
Oh man, it'd be like the final fight scene in The Last Dragon when Sho Nuff and Leroy get "The Glow" lol

I'd melee all damn day if that happens!

Sho nuff (bad ass)
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Lord_Sloth  +   662d ago
@ pedrof93

Yes and no. You can go full on shooter if you like or you can melee everything as you see fit OR mix it up for Maximum carnage.
UltimateMaster  +   662d ago
Really? Because I tough i2 and Festival of Blood had some of the best Game play of any action game out there including the Batman Arkam "series".
Bathyj  +   661d ago
Family guy, you must be old like me to remember that movie. Bruce Leroy.
himdeel  +   663d ago
I hope they give us a demo before the game drops. SP gave us demos with infamous 1 & 2.
trenso1  +   663d ago
to me from the video i saw the neon power looked like his regular ones just purple unless someone can point me to a video where there is a distinct difference between the two powers.
FamilyGuy  +   663d ago
You haven't seen his neon flash step? Where he runs up walls and literally runs through the air super fast and looking like The Flash?
trenso1  +   660d ago
yes but to me that is like his air dash with the fire powers just that he is running in the air instead of turning into a smoke of burning ash.
CrossingEden  +   663d ago
Neon doesn't have melee combos according to the recent demo impressions. I REALLY am hoping that it does in the final game. One other thing i'm worried about is that in the demos there was no option to manually switch powers like in the old game, the only way to switch powers so far is to absorb it.
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GarrusVakarian  +   663d ago
The only way to switch is to actively go and search for that power, you can't just switch. I think the devs wanted to add some challenge. But you need to go and find power sources anyway because you have to refill your powers, so it's no that bad. According to the video's we have seen there seems to be plenty of sources to choose from.

I think the reason why they haven't shown any other areas in the gameplay vids/trailers is because we might see the other power sources and thus spoil the powers.
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FPSRUSSIA  +   663d ago
from what i have seen i don't doubt it for a second March cant come soon enough.
WeAreLegion  +   663d ago
I don't think I've seen someone use "incredibly better", but I'll take it!
Shakengandulf  +   663d ago
You incredibly better take it. :)
Meltic  +   663d ago
i Think the Powers is Neon, smoke. Meaby water Powers? from the river or something fountains drain Power there?. Some Lightning from lights and Buildings. Meaby gravity Power?. Would be cool
WeAreLegion  +   663d ago
I think the water powers will allow him to walk on water, which is why Nate Fox said the last thing we'd want to do in Second Son is swim. ;)

Also, I'd just switch "gravity" to "telekinesis".
fenome  +   663d ago
March 21st needs to hurry up and get here!

The article actually stopped me from reading it and told me that if I wanted to continue I would have to watch an advertisement. I don't care if they're littered around the page, but don't interrupt me when I'm halfway through reading an article to try to sell me stuff, it's just rude.
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Dark11  +   663d ago
Please show more gameplay or new trailer
Batnut00  +   663d ago
That's great to hear, as much as I enjoyed the Infamous series, the combat could be a pain sometimes.
sorceror171  +   663d ago
I found it challenging, not 'a pain', myself. You weren't invincible, you had to pay attention to what was going on, but if you applied some strategy, and were willing to retreat once in a while to regroup and heal, it was fun.

Tough enough to keep your attention, but not so tough it was unfair. In I1 I ran into some cheap kills, but in I2 when I died, I could usually identify what mistake I'd made.

Really curious to see what they do with combat in I:SS.
Batnut00  +   663d ago
I meant the certain aspects of combat, like choosing to go up close and personal with the camera during melee combat. Those little things just diluted the fun for me a bit.
Puppy_Farts  +   663d ago
Looking forward to this. I might even buckle down and get the collectors edition!
denero1  +   663d ago
>.> I'm going to say you'd be better off waiting >.> usually down the road they come out with a ultimate edition with all the nifty stuff >.<
Puppy_Farts  +   662d ago
Ha, patience is not a virtue for me. I usually don't get CE's but I have a ton of gift cards and certs, otherwise I'd prob wait but not really. :)
denero1  +   662d ago
I actually know what you mean infamous was one of the first titles i got day 1 nothing was going to stop me from getting infamous

I remember popping it in and good times. . . I dare say 1 had more impact on me then 2 >.>
Puppy_Farts  +   662d ago
exactly, def. getting it day 1!
HammerKong  +   663d ago
yeah i can see that,march is gona be great ,2 of my most anticipated titles are coming.
pyramidshead  +   663d ago
Looks fantastic from what I've seen so far. A lot more fluid. People forget you get an array of powers throughout gameplay not just the typical 'bolt'. SP don't wanna ruin too much now ;).
WeAreLegion  +   663d ago
They'll need to show more game play to sell the product, but I don't want to see ANY MORE game play. I'm sold. I want to play it and be completely surprised by the new powers and story.
Salooh  +   663d ago
I'm expecting the same melee from the last inFAMOUS games. Don't want to get hyped for something i haven't seen ( Not saying it won't be better but i just want to experience it my self and see it my self instead of someone telling me about something i haven't seen).
Naughty__Boy  +   663d ago
The Infamous series is a lot of fun and ss looks like it is shaping up to be one of the best games in 2014.
There is one thing I hope they improve on and it is more variety in side quest, ie only one of the same type excluding collectables and have some story in side quest.
Very much looking forward to this game its going to be a blast.
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sorceror171  +   663d ago
The user-generated content was an interesting way to address the side-quest issue. It didn't entirely work... but it *could* have. The main issue was that it was too hard to find the good ones. (Yes, there really were good ones.)

SP needed to *curate* the missions. They needed somebody playing the missions, and highlighting the good ones - *every week*, not just every few months. And it needed to be easy to find those choice picks *in game*.
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Rimeskeem  +   663d ago
I loved the combat in the other infamouses so this is hopefully awesome news
mysteryraz11  +   663d ago
gonna be awesome

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