Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster - Hahaha Scene

The cringe-worthy scene of Tidus and Yuna laughing in Final Fantasy X has been re-mastered for your viewing pleasure.

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serratos27967d ago

Oh my God.
The more I look at their faces the more I realize how right people are about the characters' faces being "emotionless" and their eyes look weird :( regardless still looking forward to playing this again.

UltimateMaster967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

The dumbest most awkward moment in final fantasy history.
Auron, Wakka and Lulu are just staring thinking: "Ok, now he lost his mind"
No wonder Yuna ended up marrying Seymour. XD

serratos27967d ago

Dead Seymour, to make things worse.

Pozzle966d ago

New-Yuna kinda looks like a Disney princess because her eyes are so big. I gotta admit, I miss the original faces. They had a very distinct design that made them stand out from the character designs of other games at the time. The new faces look a bit more...generic. Oh well, I'm still looking forward to this!

kayoss966d ago

You do realize that regardless of it HD remaster facelift, this game was built almost 13 years ago. Back then this game looked amazing without the HD facelift. Compare to today's standard, its like playing 8 bit. Now try to play FFVII.

WitWolfy967d ago

I hated that scene.. It was so forced and stupid dont know why they decided to put it in to begin with anyways.

zerocrossing967d ago (Edited 966d ago )

It was supposed to be forced and stupid, neither of them were really happy. Yuna knew she was going off to die and Tidus knew he might lose her forever.

Thanks for the correction Dragon, been awhile since I played the game.

Anyway, the point is that the awkward laughter was intentional, so people should stop complaining as if it's a floor in the game.

DragonKnight967d ago

At that point of the game he didn't know that.

At that point of the game, Tidus was upset because Auron is the reason he was brought to Spira, he also just learned his father was Jecht and couldn't believe it, and he still didn't know if he could ever get home or not.

DragonKnight966d ago

I meant he learned his father was Sin.

speedforce131966d ago

Not many people knew this, +1/1

the_bebop966d ago

why is it so many people don't understand this scene did they actually play this game.

Nerdmaster966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

Tidus' laugh actually makes me sad. Being in a strange place that he doesn't know, not knowing if he will be able to go back home, and learning that his father is Sin, his laugh has a hint of despair to me.

C L O U D966d ago

The music in this scene always distracted me from the Yuna's theme

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