Battlefield 4 Premium sales top 1.6 million

EA has revealed that Battlefield 4 Premium subscription sales have topped 1.6 million -- but did not reveal sales of the actual game.

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Chanogram1505d ago

Good for EA and DICE. They will get one more premium sale when they fix ALL the issues from launch. Its a lot better than it was a month ago, but it's still not perfect.

ichdich1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

can't believe people actually buy this.

DICE need to die. They only know how to release broken games.

its not releted to EA

DarthJay1505d ago







OMG you were serious? This is so wildly incorrect it is hilarious. Have you even played a DICE game? If you say yes, I won't believe you. Yeah, criticism of BF4 is 100% fair and I've been at the front of that pack, but I have over 3000 hours of time invested in BF2, 1943, BC, BC2 and BF3 and I can assure you, you don't know what you're talking about.

SolidDuck1505d ago

I bought premium. Online mp on battlefield is the best mp. The only online mp that was better to me was socom 1 and 2. And there not around anymore. I get u might not like it, but it's totally worth it to me. And it's not perfect but it's running pretty dang good on ps4 now.

csreynolds1505d ago

And I wonder how many of these Premium owners are now wishing they'd saved themselves £40...

Majin-vegeta1505d ago

Go to Battlelog you'll see plenty of forum posts with people asking for refunds xD.

Mr7Beans1505d ago

They want a refund after playing more than 100 hours, this makes me chuckle. and who even pay that much for premium? i bought it in half of that price.

sprinterboy1505d ago

I got a refund from GAME UK and got acbf instead, don't get me wrong I will give DICE and EA a free pass this time as it's new hardware but if the SP and MP is screwed again then I will never buy a product from them again

csreynolds1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


Have they played more than 100 hours on China Rising and/or Second Assault, benefiting from all the bonuses that come with Premium (XP events, exclusive items etc.)? Unlikely. Therefore, they have the right to ask for a refund.

Also, Premium is £40 RRP in the UK. I doubt you purchased it for less, unless you acquired a code by, ahem, "other" means.

malokevi1505d ago

I'm happy. Though, itching for the next batch of maps.

n4rc1505d ago

I'm happy with it.. Had no intentions of buying it after 3 unused dlc packs in bf3.. But I've been having a blast with it and I even converted a couple cod friends Lol

No regrets here.. Its my most played game

Bdxxacjkfs1505d ago

I have the normal Game but not this Premium thing. I will never buy it.

DeadlyFire1503d ago

I just wait a year. EA slashes the price to $20 which is the best deal really.

Lubu1505d ago

This premium member is still waiting for second assault.

n4rc1505d ago

Crap.. Really? That sucks..

They are pretty well done IMO.. Hopefully you get it soon

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