Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Preview | GameTrailers

See GameTrailers' initial impressions after going hands-on with Square Enix’s latest HD update.

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Lucreto1772d ago

Must have game for me. Pity it is out the same day as Infamous but Iwill make time for both.

vergilxx31772d ago

I have waited for this since the first rumors,back when vita was not out yet..
although I Knew I wil be buying Vita For this game FF X System seller for me

theEx1Le1772d ago

Whilst not the only reason I bought my Vita, I have to say before the software picked up this game was the reason I kept it. Been looking forward to playing this on my vita for a long time

Ultr1772d ago

True vita is perfect for FinalFantasy games, you can always pause and continue!
Played through FF9 on vita and am now playing FF7, great!

maximus19851772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

auron oh how i miss you

jjonez181772d ago

Everything is getting a meteor stike to the face!