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Why The Next Gears Of War Will Be Terrible

NowGamer: "Why are they still trying to make these games serious? Here's why Black Tusk developing Gears Of War is a bad idea. And yes, there will be spoilers." (Gears of War, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Ted_Breakfast  +   79d ago
I would have been much more interested in seeing whatever new IP Black Tusk were working on before Microsoft bought Gears of War, rather than another Gears of War game.
Septic  +   79d ago
"The franchise creator Cliffy B said he wanted to see future games in the series become more serious, and more like Christopher Nolan’s (staggeringly overrated) Batman series. "

*GASP!* Nolan's Batman series aren't overrated! *Shakes fist*

I don't get the logic of the author:

"There are countless indie games that do smart things with narrative for instance. Then there’s Silent Hill 2, and the savagely underrate Shattered Memories.

Gears of War is none of these. Gears of War is Michael Bay at his dumbest accidentally setting off all the squibs at the same time."

You just said in the paragraph above that Cliffy B wanted a more serious take on Gears. So why are you critiquing Gears for what it is now?

Are you assuming the next Gears will be the same as the ones before?

"Would you rather have a Gears of War with a botched attempt at a ‘deep’ story, or one with Army of Two-style high fives and air guitar taunts?"

No. I want Gears to have a deeper narrative and have gameplay revisions that go hand in hand with that change in narrative pace. Imagine, for instance, a Gears game that is more survival-horror based. You don't soak up bullets, enemies really are intimdating and your protagonists don't crack a joke after taking down an enemy that is a the size of a skyscraper using bravado, pre-workout and testosterone.

A once legendary man said the following:

"Sounds like someone's livin' in the past, man. Contemporise!"

Rare picture of said man:

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truefan1  +   79d ago
When did you ever hear the word cancelled in terms of the project BT was working on? All in all this is a stupid article, you don't want a new GOW don't buy it. This site has turned into nothing but complaints and opinions.
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theWB27  +   79d ago
The author would rather do air guitar riffs and taunts in Gears of War rather than they try and make it serious.

He thought Batman(Nolan's) was staggeringly overrated.

To give his example of good narrative he points to the countless Indie games that achieve said goal.

"The best videogames know they are videogames, and don’t try and convince you they’re anything more by trying and failing to give them cinematic storylines."

That about sums it up.
Mass Effect, Uncharted, Dead Space, Red Dead Redemption were four of the best experiences this past gen. By creating a game that made me feel like it was more than just a game elevated everything. Tlou, I'm sure, did more than just make you feel like you're playing a game.

You want a fresh studio to make Microsoft's mature, serious, violent shooter/thrasher and make them perform guitar riffs and high fives? SMH author...terrible.
christocolus  +   79d ago
I would love a really good story,an intense one,darker and maybe with new characters and a new race of aliens.

The next gears has the potential to be the best in the series with Rod on board and the great talent at blacktusk i dnt see it failing besides ms has hired a few great story writers and joe staten may even lend a helping hand.....and horde mode is definitly coming back.
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Volkama  +   79d ago
Click me! No.
4ShotKing  +   79d ago
Let's judge a game before hearing any sorts of information and before seeing gameplay... Is there anyway to vote for the dumbest N4G article of the year?
Unreal01  +   79d ago
To be fair Xbox fans have been doing that with The Order. It's a sad world :/
Volkama  +   79d ago
Fanboys on either side are sad, yes. You can't stop them. You can ignore their published opinion pieces though.
4ShotKing  +   79d ago
Fanboys in general are just moronic and not true gamers. How can you judge something without seeing it, let a lone playing it.
Charybdis  +   79d ago
Well to be fair we did reach a new high, the game hasn't been in development for over a month and it already been branded as terrible.

Stirring up discussion is always good but do we really need these hyperbole titles.
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mcstorm  +   79d ago
@4ShotKing that is just what people are like now a days. People have to have there say no matter what. People are quick to say x is crap and y is better yet have never used x.

I cant wait to see what is done with Gears and as we have seen with some developers re launching old IP's or names can be good. It may not be good but I think Microsoft are looking at making there exclusives stand out and be good games. So far for me I think they are doing well and I am loving KI at the moment and be one of the most fun fighting games I have played in a long time.
urwifeminder  +   79d ago
Day one for me did not get judgement was happy enough with G3 , horde mode =joy.
zod  +   79d ago
BS Article....One bad game doesn't mean that all future games will also suck..First 3 Gears games were phenomenal..Judgement was more like a experiment and it was made by PCF not Epic but still it was a decent game...

God of War Ascension was not as good as first 3 GOW games that doesn't mean SSM should not develop GOW 4 nd all....

If Alien franchise can get one more chance even after game Colonial marines then why not other games ?
RedSoakedSponge  +   79d ago
i love how everyone is a psychic on here.... lol
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etownone  +   79d ago
If MS put the team together of Black Tusk anything like 343..

Then Gears will be amazing.
JasonRoseEh  +   79d ago
I'd like to know how garbage like this makes it through the approval process.
starchild  +   79d ago
Anything that is at least vaguely anti-microsoft will usually make it through.

In any case, this "article" is very poorly thought out and nonsensical.
JasonRoseEh  +   79d ago
I'm all for back and forth pieces, but this is just so poorly written and phrased. I've had things turned down on here before and to see things like this get through and so much traction is embarrassing.
InTheLab  +   79d ago
"Hooray! Gears of War is coming back for the Xbox One, to the delight of people that haven’t bothered to play Vanquish everywhere."

I really hate the Vanquish fanboys. THAT game was terrible. Who knows what the next Gears will be but stop with this Vanquish crap....
hennessey86  +   79d ago
they don't have to go
down the same path as EPIC did, they could use the gears universe and create an amazing game, who knows what it will be like. I'll wait until I actually play it to pass judgement.................PS half life 10 will be the worst game ever :/

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