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Insomnia_841568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I just updated! NYC 5:30am.

Headsets charging...

Ready to get the new Playstation headset as soon as it hits stores.

Bennibop1568d ago

Looking forward to getting the new Headset 2.0 too! Bonus is that I won a voucher at work that will cover the cost!!!

zeee1568d ago

Yup it's live and I already played bf4 using my wireless headset. Does anyone know if third party headsets are also supported? Would suck for my brothers who don't own an official Sony product.

lex-10201567d ago


It depends on the headset. If the headset uses USB like Astro headsets it works fine. Headsets that use a 3.5mm headphone jack like, Skullcandy aviators, also work fine. Headsets that use component connectors, like a lot of Turtle Beaches, won't work as the PS4 is all digital instead of component or analog. Bluetooth headsets are also a no go.

xerohero20031567d ago

Lex-1020 I use my turtle beach headset with my ps4, I just run an audio out from the back of the tv and it works just fine.

Azmatik1567d ago

@lex my buddy uses a turtle beach the one that has component plug ins and a 3.5 audio jack he plugs it right into his controller and works fine. Side note i wonder if you got a component (red and white) to 3.5 jack converter and plugd it into the controller if it would work ill ask my friend to try it tonight unless someone already tried it and knows?

Jack_Of_All_Blades1567d ago

"Do not update playstation soon before a power outage..." wtf? How would you know?! On topic keep the improvements and features coming Sony

minimur121567d ago

Its nice knowing that I'm here on my laptop and its actually already done updating lmao

guitarded771567d ago

Got my Pulse headset up and running.

Thank godz I can mute the mic on the camera... I've had the thing unplugged since unknowingly getting bitched at for an open mic in game.

Benchm4rk1567d ago

@Jack of all Blades

You can find information on your electrical service providers website on routine power outages for your area. They do them occasionally for repairs or during time like extreme heat when the power grids are under heavy use. Of course if a tree falls down and knocks out your power or something like that you will never know when its gonna go out.

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Aceman181568d ago

Yea updated as well around 5:20 this morning. Was quite surprised that the system recognized it and I didn't have to sync it.

Tru_Blu1568d ago

The new headset is the non-elite version that folds up and can use the PS store app. It's not the top of the line model, no bassimpact. It's a model that is meant to be portable.

JoGam1567d ago

Don't know why people are disagreeing. The new headset doesn't have Bass Impact.

Mikey322301567d ago

The Pulse elite can also use the PS Store APP. It had the app on the PS3 As well.

Thats why they are disagreeing

Tru_Blu1567d ago

Where did I say the elite can't use the app??

JoGam1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

@ Mikey32230, Reading and comprehension is key dude. Please read his comment slowly and tell me where he said the Pulse Elite won't use the App?

Everything he said is FACT. There are two versions of the headset. Pulse and Pulse Elite. The Pulse does not have bass impact however the Pulse Elite does which makes it the top of the line out of the two headsets. Both uses the App.

FamilyGuy1567d ago

I wonder when that Elite version will come out?
And at what price..

I like that these ones are fold-able/portable and the detachable aux cable is great, but bass impact is something I'd want too.


Still, at $99 I'm getting these, I'll sell em if the new ones come out and are way better and cheap enough.

Aghashie1567d ago

Yea... but I read something about "noise cancelling" on the new headset. As far as I know my Pulse Elite doesn't have that feature.

Correct me if I am wrong... :?

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Mr_cheese1568d ago

Got to be honest, i'm slightlydissapoited with this update. I havent had chance to download and install it myself to test out bu from the official list onte link, i'm not impressed. I think inwas expecting more...

However, the ps+ update is more than satisfying, it's fantastic. That is something i am looking forward to.

P.s. anybody found hidden features yet?

Tru_Blu1568d ago

If you had a pair of PS headphones it's kinda a big deal.

Mr_cheese1568d ago

I conpletely agree with you, but I just assumed there would be more than the headphone support and better dvd playback. I was hoping there maybe some better organisation for the UI such as folders, or the support of external drives for media playback.

I'm not moaning, i'm just saying i expected more espeially since the update release was delayed. It kind of felt bigged up

infamousinfolite1567d ago


Actually this is a .x release once we see a x.0 release that's when the major stuff come in.

IcarusOne1567d ago

Is there any news when they'll update to allow for 3d playback of blurays?

Withdreday1567d ago

Actually Cheese, that is a bit of moaning. They can't fix all that in four months.

It's takes massive programming.

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Axecution1567d ago

"You can now mute the microphone for the PlayStation Camera."

omg yes

ramiuk11567d ago

it really needs a mute all online chat option like the xbox 360 had.
fed up logging into a game and before i have had chance to mute people i have them swearing or kids with squeeky voices

Cryptcuzz1567d ago

I love this update solely for that feature.

Finally I can talk to my girlfriend while playing online without fear that others are listening to my conversation about where, when and how we did it.

True story lol, please don't ask.

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Shad0wRunner1568d ago

Link is broken, Bennibop. Says 404 error.

Bennibop1568d ago

Sure it will be up and running again in a while!

SniperControl1568d ago

Just installed it, man my Pulse Elites sound frickin awesome playing Resogun, much clearer sound than plugging into the DS4 jack.

Think i'll boot up KZ:SF next.

Sheikah1568d ago

Can't wait to be unable to hear BF4 audio through my 7.1s.

Kidding aside, been waiting for that update forever, very excited abt it

Brugal1568d ago

That's great news. I thought they sounded acceptable with the headphone jack, can't wait to test it out after the update.