TOP 12 Worst video game movies of all time

It often happens that gamers are also a target audience for film producers who want easy money by buying the rights for the most popular video games. The effects of such actions are various, but some of the directors have come to such a skill that they can hire great names from Hollywood, fall embarrassingly and still make money on the film. Here is a list of the worst movies based on video games.

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Peter_Warrior1570d ago

Not even a mention of Dungeons and Dragons :( or KOF :((

hay1570d ago

Fake! No horrific cinematic rape on KoF franchise mentioned. THE MOST terrible vg adaptation.

Neonridr1570d ago

Wow, that was a hard article to read. Everything gets messed up in the translation.

But I completely agree with the movies listed there, they were all awful.

WeAreLegion1569d ago

Super Mario Bros. is a bad Mario movie, but it's a pretty freakin awesome movie.

I feel like the same movies get thrown on these lists every time. Ewe Bowl movies are there for a reason, but many of them are more campy than they are bad.