Top 5 Video Game Voice Performances of 2013

What makes a character truly memorable? There’s an extensive list of factors that determinates the magnificence of a certain character. One of them relates to the voice actor, who gives life to a virtual identity. A well-executed voice performance is a great indicator that the upcoming character will be realistic, enthusiastic and convincing. And that’s exactly what every game wants, genuine representations of virtual roles. Every year brings new exceptional characters into the video game world and last year was no exception. Find out about the best video game voice performances of 2013.

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KangarooSam1594d ago

1, 2, and 3 - Troy Baker as Booker DeWitt, Joel, and Joker.

Seriously though: Troy Baker, Ellie's voice actress, Elizabeth's, Lara's, Richard Riding in Tearaway, the main three of GTA V, many good performances come to mind for last year.

Roccetarius1594d ago

Most of the acting in Beyond was cringe worthy, at least to me. I hope people don't really act like that.

PlayedIt1594d ago

I have to agree with Sam, Troy Baker had a hell of a year, Amazing Actor , Incredible games