PS4 Interactive Stream Feature Detailed for Dynasty Warriors 8; 1080p Screenshots Released

Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends is the first PS4 game to use the interactive stream feature, letting the audience watching the game through the console’s livestream actually take part in the action, even if in a limited way. Today the publisher detailed how it’ll work and released a batch of screenshots of the PS4 version.

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GribbleGrunger1539d ago

I like the idea of comments in the stream adding more enemies. I can imagine people spamming the hell out of someone to see how many enemies they can spawn.

Abriael1539d ago

it's not specified, but I'm pretty sure there's a safety limit lol

GribbleGrunger1539d ago

Imagine a game based entirely around the idea of comments effecting gameplay. I can see some potential in this 'interact' feature.

Andreas-Sword1539d ago

I hope there will be around 100 enemies on the screen.
This game and The Order 1886 are my most wanted PS4 games.

supraking9511538d ago

is there an option to turn off the Interact button when streaming?

Bathyj1538d ago

It's not very impressive visually so hopefully it has large numbers is enemies, good AI and a good combat system.

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