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Japanese Gamers Vote Yuna As The Most Popular Final Fantasy Heroine

Square Enix recently held a survey for the game’s two year anniversary in Japan and asked players to vote on their favorite Final Fantasy heroine.

While Yuna won by a long shot, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII edged out Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa. (Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XIII, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360)

DualWielding  +   420d ago
my fav is Celes, but nobody cares about her in Japan.. that's why we're never gonna see a FFVI remake
Hicken  +   420d ago
My favorite is Rikku, but nobody counts her as a lead.
khellendros1  +   420d ago
I 100% agree. Depending on how you develop her sphere grid she becomes a beast in FFX. I 'm surprised Yuna beat out Tifa though.
Pozzle  +   420d ago
Rikku was such a great character. I think she's overlooked by fans because it's easy to forget that there's more to her than just her cutesy image. But her connection to Yuna and the Al Bhed's plight to stop summoners from dying is one of the best subplots in FFX imo.

As for my favorite FF heroines...I was always a fan of Selphie, but not many fans seem to like her :( I dunno, I just really liked her upbeat personality and her straightforward way of dealing with things that happened throughout the game. I played FFVIII when I was fairly young, and I remember wanting to be more like Selphie because she was just so positive and honest about everything.

Dagger/Garnet is another underrated favorite of mine. Oh man, FFIX is just underrated in general.
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vergilxx3  +   420d ago
Lead or not it does not matter
What matters are characters you like
Hicken  +   420d ago
Rikku was definitely one of my favorites to use in battle, but she also had one of my favorite personalities in the series. I DID love the whole "kidnap summoners to prevent them from dying" plot, as well as her dilemma of how to help her cousin in her journey without helping Yuna to her death.

I also liked Selphie, though I find I couldn't really pick a favorite in VIII.

Disagrees be damned. Rikku is my all around fave.
Nerdmaster  +   420d ago
Selphie? That girl who's supposed to be a soldier but kept bugging Squall during the first time he was actually acting like a leader, just because she wanted to sing her freaking train song? Yeah, "great" character... I hate her almost as much as I hate Vanille. Almost.
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erathaol  +   420d ago
Damn straight Japan
-Foxtrot  +   420d ago
Japanese FF fans usually always go with the FF character who's "in" at the minute.

When Lightning Returns was out and past FF13 games Lightning was and she's a horrible character

Now that FF X HD is out over there (I think) now Yuna is.

Once FF15 comes out Stella will be and so on
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LAWSON72  +   420d ago
Lightning is a fine character though I dont think she needed a trilogy with one of the games having her as the only playable character.
izumo_lee  +   420d ago
It seems to me that Japan votes on these on whatever is popular at the moment. I remember when Lightning won the last poll around the same time Final Fantasy 13 came out. So i take these polls with a grain of salt.

For me Aerith is my fave lead heroine in the series though i have a soft spot for Terra from Final Fantasy 6.
il-JumperMT  +   420d ago
WilliamH  +   420d ago
Sorry Yuna but Tifa wins this one....by a mile.
Cryptcuzz  +   420d ago
I like Tifa as well, because she is both hot and strong.
youndamie  +   420d ago
Yuna, Tifa, and Garnet in that order
theshredded  +   420d ago
Such a great heroine!
Gardenia  +   420d ago
Aerith, Dagger (Garnet), Tifa, Renoa, Freya, Beatrix
OtakuDJK1NG  +   420d ago
Dagger, Rinoa, Rosa, Rydia, Quistis, Rikku(X), Freya, Terra, Lightning and Yuna.
Magnus  +   420d ago
Yuna, Rinoa, Tifa, Aeris, Lenne are my fave FF girls.
McScroggz  +   420d ago
Yuna is really good, but I'd go with Celes from FFVI.

Worst is Vanille by a mile.
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kevnb  +   420d ago
So many disagrees in this thread!

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