Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Currently $19.99 at Target Locations

Currently at Target,The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is $19.99. The game is on sale and is an in store only promotion.

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skipper1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

One of the few Zelda Console games I have not played. I am going to have to pick this up. Almost done with the AMAZING WW HD remaster. So what better way to continue my Zelda fix. I can not imagine this is going to be better than WW HD, but I guess It should at the very least be close.

Yet another reason to pick Wii U up, backwards compat right out of the box. The colors for Wii games POP more on my Wii U.

Loadedklip1476d ago

It's an amazing game but I do wish it was HD.

abzdine1476d ago

amazing game that will for sure blow everyone away in HD. i just love how motion controls are used in it it's just amazing!

JodyCones1476d ago

It's an amazing game, you won't regret it.

Warj1476d ago

Go into this game with limited expectations. There are a number of design choices that are extremely maddening.

Not trying to dissuade you, just giving a friendly word of caution. I know many people greatly enjoyed it, and I hope you do as well. I certainly wish I had.

Crillvirus811476d ago

My favorite Zelda 3d game ..I love the story

higgins781476d ago

Not sure its my favourite, hard to discount how phenomenal Ocarina felt on initial release, but its surely (Skyward Sword) one of the finest Zelda games available and more than makes up for the fairly vanilla Twilight.

KrystofKage1476d ago

Artwork and story is amazing, but gameplay? One of the worst in the series.

You'll backtrack areas for quests multiple times to the point where you'll want to toss the game out the window.

The skyworld is empty, I think they wanted to cater to the WW fanbase but just ended up with something that felt unnecessary.

Unlike the other LoZ titles, this is one game where I couldn't find myself ever wanting to play it again(especially since you essentially play the game 2 times over in the main story).

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CrossingEden1476d ago

$20 for a 60+ hour GOTY game? Um, great deal.

captainexplosion1476d ago

Damn Nintendo sucks at lowering their prices on games when this is news.

Nabbic1476d ago

Nintendo never lower their prices.
They understand that most people mainly buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games, meaning they can get away with charging a high price on their games... Mario Kart DS, for example, a 7 year old game, is being retailed at £25+.

It's both smart and very anti-consumeristic, but unless we were to start having a mass boycott then it's something you need to put up with.

Vegamyster1476d ago

In a way it isn't a bad thing because many of the typical games big or small that aren't from Nintendo drop in price after a year and if you chose to sell them you won't get much of a return.

Jonathan-howard1476d ago

I would really like to try this Zelda. It's the only one I haven't played. -_-

stragomccloud1476d ago

Loved this game. Very epic. Especially the final boss~

JodyCones1475d ago

The ending music, with Fii. So epic..