Grand Theft Auto V Sells 32.5 Million Copies to Date, Best Selling Game of 2013

Hardcore Gamer: This makes it the best selling video game of 2013 by a large margin and cements Take-Two as the top video game publisher of 2013.

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Magicite1541d ago

So basically that means it became 4th best selling game ever (and it has only launched on 2 platforms so far)!
Just imagine sales numbers when it launches on PC/PS4!

Septic1541d ago

That's insane!

Well deserved too. Unlike other developers who are content with releasing annual rehashes of their games, Rockstar take their time in crafting their games. The game oozes quality (mp problems aside).

dedicatedtogamers1541d ago


That is truly insane.

Now I feel sheepish that I haven't played it yet.

LAWSON721541d ago

Yeah because apparently the Xbone version would not sell?

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Derekvinyard131541d ago

Holy shit, 3 million more and it passes Tetris

SpiralTear1541d ago

Does this mean we'll get that PC version soon?

Agent20091541d ago

This means GTA V sells 32.5 million copies to date... he he he!

Seriously now, PC version is an inevitable thing. I suggest some patience - perhaps they're working hard to bring a proper port, not a broken shit aka GTA IV PC.

Unreal011541d ago

I'm pretty certain there'll be a PC version, along with next gen versions. There's so much more money to be made here.

Congrats Rockstar.

dedicatedtogamers1541d ago

Not sure why PC gamers clamour for ports of Rockstar games. Their ports really, really suck. GTA4 had a ton of issues, and Max Payne 3 and L.A Noire barely worked (or didn't work at all, for some people).

And I say that as a person who "owns" Max Payne 3 and LA Noire on PC. I put "owns" in quotes because neither game has ever functioned quite right, despite countless hours spent trying to troubleshoot.

LAWSON721541d ago

Max Payne 3 is claimed to be a fantastic port that is even well optimized. I have had no problems with LA Noire but that was made by Team Bondi

wls10121541d ago

that's god dam right..bubble 4u sir

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ChaosKnight1541d ago

I would think this would mean that there won't be a PC version -- at least not for awhile. What market left is there to buy the game?

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ZeroX98761541d ago

well, I bought it on my PS3 and enjoyed the hell out of the main story.

But having lower loading times, possible mods and enhanced graphics are the reasons why I would gladly purchase the game again for PC and in the same time give my PS3 copy to a friend that didn't had the chance to play it yet.

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