Here’s How a Xbox One Was Gutted and Turned into a Laptop

About a month ago modder Dark Uncle created a rather sleek Xbox One laptop by gutting an Xbox One and assembling it into a self-built laptop case. Of course the modification required a lot of work and quite a few changes to extend ports and fit the hardware in the slimmer form factor.

While the laptop has already been sold, now you can see how it has been made in three videos that showcase the assembly process.

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DarkLordMalik1265d ago

His name is "Dark Uncle"? lol

Anyways, kudos to him. Splendid work.

Abriael1265d ago

It does sound slightly creepy...

CrossingEden1264d ago

Come visit your dark uncle, we can hang out in my dark basement on the dark the dark!

1265d ago
TomShoe1265d ago


Now do PS4 and Wii U next.

Abriael1265d ago

I'm actually rather surprised that no one did a PS4 yet, especially considering that the components are very miniaturized. It should fit a laptop very well.

minimur121265d ago

and also the fact that it requires less power supply ( to my knowledge) being as it uses an 8 cable and xbox uses some diffrennt thing that looks similar to an 8 cable lol

Half-Mafia1265d ago

With all the millions MS spent on R&D and this guy gets the size down to about 1/3.

ambientFLIER1264d ago

Yes...and who says this thing won't overheat after a while or fail in some other way?

minimur121265d ago


WeAreLegion1264d ago

It's not about getting something wrong. It's about standards in journalism. If you want to be taken seriously, type titles correctly.

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The story is too old to be commented.