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Video Games That Can Turn Around the Wii U and Save Nintendo’s Console

"Nintendo has certainly seen better days lately but luckily there are some solid titles coming out for 2014. That coupled with improved advertising will no doubt lead to stronger system and software sales. These improvements however need to come sooner than later. We all know the stellar list of games coming out such as MK8, SSB and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze; but today at BootHammer we wanted to look at our wish list for the Wii U this year. If released, these sequels and revamps could really turn things around for the gaming giant." -BootHammer (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo, Shadow of the Eternals, Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

kirbyu  +   659d ago
There's more than one Wave Race game already.
Yi-Long  +   659d ago
Only WiiU game that's coming out and that I'm excited about enough that it MIGHT convince me to buy a WiiU, is X, the new game from the developers of Xenoblade.

IF it comes with the original Japanese voices of course.

Other than that, perhaps a HD-bundle for the 2 brilliant Mario Galaxy games.

However, I'm still not happy with the limited HD-size (32GB), nor the fact it's all completely region-locked (even hardware), plus the fact that Nintendo rarely discounts the A-games. Finally, the hardware still seems too expensive and obviously there's hardly any 3rd party support.

It's just a tough sell, and Nintendo needs to fix that. These are not issues that can't be fixed, apart from the 3rd party support.
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cyguration  +   659d ago
I don't mind Nintendo's prices on their first-party titles, I've never felt ripped off from paying what I did for them, and they have all been well worth the price of entry.

I certainly can't say the same for the Activision, EA and Ubisoft games I've purchased.
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Vegamyster  +   659d ago
All the games listed would have to come out at a decent pace to make a impact, Mario 3D World is a great game and garnished lots of praise but it didn't push consoles hard enough even with games like Pikmin 3 & W101 behind it.
thezeldadoth  +   659d ago
X, bayonetta 2, smash bros and next zelda are enough for me. then mario kart 8, and donkey kong are gonna be great.
BootHammer  +   659d ago
I think if marketed well, which Nintendo has much room for improvement in, a new F-Zero, Metroid and Star Fox Adventures II would be great system sellers. The other possible eShop titles I mentioned could significantly boost digital sales. There are already some great games coming out this year and these are just a list of one's we are hopeful to see in the future.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   659d ago
I would like to see
Super Mario Sunshine 2
Super Mario Galaxy 3
Zelda U
RPG_Lover  +   659d ago
nintendo needs no saving
Lilrizky  +   659d ago
Honestly? No one brings up Pokemon.

Everyone's been asking for it and it's a multi-million dollar franchise.

Bring a proper RPG Pokemon to the Wii-U

Same vein as X/Y with HD graphics, even better online functionality etc. How can you go wrong?
chronoforce  +   659d ago
I love star fox but it could not be further from what Nintendo need to save the WiiU.
nigelp520  +   659d ago
Super Mario Sunshine 2
Super Mario Galaxy 3
Pokémon MMO
Legend of Zelda U
Metroid Prime U
Pokemon Snap 2
Nintendo vs Capcom
Bayonetta 2
Geist 2
Eternal Darkness 2
Sin & Punishment 3
1080 Snowboarding
Grand theft Auto 5
Phantasy Star Online
brewin  +   659d ago
Thats a sweet list right there! Would love to see those happen. I really do want a cleaned up port of GTA 5 too. I think the Wii U gamepad would benefit hugely for that game. And I know it could run and look better than the 360/ps3 versions. Maye not quite as good as the PC/X1/PS4, but still good with awesome gamepad support.

Geist is also a title they should re-release in HD since so few actually palyed it.
brewin  +   659d ago
I still wonder why the hell they havent brought more HD ports over if Wind Waker took only 6 months! Where the hell is the Xenoblade HD port, what about Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, why stop at Wind Waker HD? Give us Twilight Princess and Majoras Mask HD. Sony brings these HD ports and they sell pretty well. Wind Waker HD sold over a million with barely any install base. Obviously there is a market for the HD ports and Nintendo needs to do more of them. New titles are great and required yes, but HD ports are a damn good way to bide the time and there is not much risk involved really.

People would clamor for these titles and many more people would consider Wii U with those kind of options. Nintendo didnt bother with Xenobalde at the end of Wii's life, so thats why it was a Gamestop exclusive. An HD port of that title with the gamepad used as a map and menu would sell a lot of people on the system, especially considering how limited a release the wii version was.
BootHammer  +   658d ago
Very good points here. Nintendo has an enormous amount of amazing ports that could already be out and available on the Wii U in HD glory but they aren't. I think they need a bit of a push and very good house cleaning within their marketing and overall division responsible for their console.
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Geobros  +   659d ago
Non of them are system sellers, not Metroid, not Star Fox neither wave race or start tropics. Only Dragon Quest could be system seller in Japan.

The only games I see now as system sellers are Smash Bros and mario Kart....
kraideral  +   659d ago
They should license third party developers for their IPs. Like Zelda to Ubisoft or CD Project Red, Metroid to Irrational or 4A Games etc. and they should bring these to all the other platforms
Realplaya  +   654d ago
You should never post again.
11eleven11  +   658d ago
A Supermetroid shooter with spaceships and ground units just like in Nintendo Land. Make it online and you have a winner.
jagstatboy  +   658d ago
Star Fox Adventures 2? Please God no. The first one sucked! We need a real sequel, one similar to Star Fox 64.

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