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GamesBeat: We turn 10 famous designers into video game characters

GamesBeat: Game designers put their souls into their work — but rarely their faces. That’s why we chose some of the most acclaimed digital crafters and transformed them into characters from their titles through the magic of Photoshop. (Cliff Bleszinski, Culture, David Jaffe, Gabe Newell, Hideo Kojima, John Carmack, Keiji Inafune, Ken Levine, Shigeru Miyamoto, Shinji Mikami, Tim Schafer)

deantak  +   259d ago
Hilarious snout.
ChristineJClark   259d ago | Spam
-Foxtrot  +   259d ago
Ken Levine...with boobs



I will never forget
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Sadie2100  +   259d ago
I saw this earlier, and I can't get that Miyamoto image out of my head. Yuck.
wita  +   259d ago
These are both disturbing and awesome.
NagaSotuva  +   259d ago
GenericNameHere  +   259d ago
The website's not iPhone supported :(

All I saw was Cliffy B on Gears. I couldn't swipe the image to reveal more, and there was no gallery
darkronin229  +   259d ago
David Jaffe looks way too happy to be Kratos

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