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While this game draws close comparisons to the ever popular Minecraft, Don’t Starve is no cheap copycat clone. The game may not have any LEGO style building, however, it does have an addicting quality centered around survival along with the cause and effect elements for each action.

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Gore-Content1777d ago

Nice review! 4/5 well deserved.

GribbleGrunger1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Definitely. I just got to 31 days, which is the furthest I've got so far. I had plenty of warm clothing, a heat stone, stacks of food, rabbits and beefalo everywhere, five farms, three drying racks, 5 crock pots ... I was all set to last the winter easily. And then this frigin' big chicken thief came running into my territory and started to steal all of my trapped rabbits. 'I'm not having that', I thought and attacked the blighter! I died ... But all was not lost because I had activated a respawn point near by. I ran as fast as I could, ill prepared for winter with my screen crackling and frosting just to remind me I needed to get crackin'. Just in sight of my camp, I died again ... BARSTAFF!!

3/10 I thought, but tomorrow when I go back on it again, it'll be 9/10 all over again. It's a love hate relationship.

BeganwithNes1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I really like this game. Fun as hell. But very frustrating when u die after so many days due to your own stupidity.

MNGamer-N1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Fun and addicting game for sure. Enjoying it right now. It really is such a bummer when you die after all of your hard work! But yet I must try again to collect more berries and carrots. Oh and murdering rabbits.

-EvoAnubis-1777d ago

When you get to a certain point, dying permanently becomes impossible unless you mess up big time. Just make sure you always have at least one Meat Effigy somewhere in the world at all times. Life Giving Amulets are useful too, but those are WAAAAY harder to make, particularly when you're just really digging into the game.

Heisenburger1777d ago

My friend and I have been playing this together. We get a party chat going and start at the same time. We go until one of us dies, then we both restart together.

I'd love a full co-op "you get supplies while I scavenge for food" type mode. But this is still a blast with the added pressure of not wanting to be the guy that screws up.

This game has made me excited to play Minecraft when it releases on PS4. I never looked at Minecraft twice before I played this game.

I'm really looking forward playing it with my friend and being able to build things together. In the meantime I'll try to not starve. ;)

-EvoAnubis-1777d ago

Online co-op in Don't Starve would be absolutely amazing!

GribbleGrunger1777d ago

Yeah, Co-op would be great online. You could both play in the same game and not see each other for a week. Any more than two and I think it would spoil the experience.

Seus311776d ago

If you enjoy starting a new game world after you die do not follow this and quit every 15 to 30 minutes start a day before winter or any day you like, make sure you have at least 1 touch stone or respawn point before doing this o before you die . right after you die press the PS btton and quit , play again and you will have your last save.