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Microsoft Bought Gears of War, So Where’s the Excitement?

On the day Microsoft acquired the Gears of War franchise, reaction to the news were more mixed than celebrated. Did Microsoft make the right purchase? (Gears of War, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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JoGam  +   160d ago
For me honestly there was no excitement. Why? Gears of war was always a MS exclusive so when MS bought Gears all they did was guaranteed that Gears would remain an exclusive. Whats exciting about that? If Sony bought the rights to Gears, it would have been more exciting than MS buying it. With all Sony studios, it would be interesting to see what they do with the game. Its been an exclusive with MS and now remaining exclusive. Thats not really exciting.
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Mikey32230  +   160d ago
Ive personally (PERSONALLY) Never liked gears of war much.

Seemed like average average average game to me. could careless that its exclusive to MS (Still).
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gaffyh  +   160d ago
Gears went down hill a little, and MS didn't do great with Halo IP, which is why most people didn't care for the announcement. On top of that, it wasn't really new. If they'd announced Gears as multiplatform, and then it became exclusive, then that would have been a far bigger deal.
Patrick_pk44  +   160d ago
I think Microsoft is beating a dead horse here. Gear of War 3 was the best of the four.
Ace Killa 08  +   160d ago
Judgement killed any future hype or excitement of future titles. That game was horrible and did not stick to the roots for true fans. I understand Halo (Since we are talking about MS exclusives) changes over the years, some good and bad. But Judgement did a 180 to hell and was horrible. You can't be hyped as it left a bad taste and Epic no longer developing the game.

At the moment we don't know if it will be like its roots and it might and might not be. But so the raw information we wont know till a later time.

Sucks as I played Gears 3 ever since it came out and right before I sold my 360 for a Ps4. The game was fun with friends.
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Ace Killa 08  +   160d ago
Judgement killed any future hype or excitement of future titles. That game was horrible and did not stick to the roots for true fans. I understand Halo (Since we are talking about MS exclusives) changes over the years, some good and bad. But Judgement did a 180 to hell and was horrible. You can't be hyped as it left a bad taste and Epic no longer developing the game.

At the moment we don't know if it will be like its roots and it might and might not be. But so the raw information we wont know till a later time.

Sucks as I played Gears 3 ever since it came out and right before selling my 360 for a Ps4. The game was fun with friends.
mayberry  +   160d ago
Some gamers say the Killzone series is average, imho it is very above average. Gears has been the average game to me, even though I like it, the production value alone is amazing! The news was almost expected.
Etseix  +   160d ago
Gears of War is an average game with a good co-op couch mode. I believe this sums it up. So-so story, so - so characters, so-so music ,etc.

But playing with a friend at home? instant fun.
Giul_Xainx  +   160d ago
I feel kind of sorry for Microsoft. This news flash was just that... a flash. Now its gone.
PeaSFor  +   160d ago
i really enjoyed the first game in co-op, i almost finished Gears2 but lost interest near the end & just skipped Judgement since i didnt wanted to play it.

On that, i have a glimpse of curiosity toward the next Gears to see if its a reboot or just a sequel/prequel to the same story.
Computersaysno  +   160d ago
Seems to me Cliffy B doesn't really care about the franchise anymore despite creating it as lead designer, he sees it as a finished thing in his eyes and I kinda see it as done for me as well.

Any new Gears will have to be amazing to get me very excited or interested again, it felt like it has run its course
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kreate  +   159d ago
Gears Kinect edition maybe?
Kingthrash360  +   160d ago
so true...gears is a ms game, they just bought it. so its permanently theirs. i could see if they showed a new gears but they didn't. this is more of a company thing than a consumer thing....'sides judgement was the worst gears, that bad taste is still in peoples mouth.
princejb134  +   160d ago
The best gears for me was the first one. After the first the quality just wasn't up there
Captain Qwark 9  +   160d ago
it seems each one def appealed to people in different ways. i know peeps who like the first the most, some the second, some the third, its almost unanimous that while liked, nobody thinks judgement is the best.

for me, 2 was the best. its actually one of my fav campaigns ever. that said, i didnt care much for 1 or 3 and other than the mp demo ( which i enjoyed ) i didnt play judgement

this news to me is also "meh" at best. it doesnt really mean anything has changed other than its not going multiplatform which is not a bid deal either way
Charybdis  +   160d ago
Would be more exiting if it was bought buy Sony or if they included a trailer or something.

It wasn't that big of a surprise (game staying with Microsoft) and we will probably see the game after 2 years, since they just started developing.
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frostypants  +   160d ago
Yeah, it's strange if not a little troubling that MS considers it a big deal that they are merely holding on to an exclusive IP.

MS: "Hey everybody, HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! That series that was already exclusive to us and that none of you doubted would remain exclusive to us is going to remain exclusive to us!!! Let's get PUMPED!!!"
The gaming community: *crickets*

I mean, it's kind of news worthy from a pure business perspective (IP control), but from a gaming perspective it's as meaningless and silly as if Sony announced that Uncharted 4 would remain a PS4 exclusive.

They clearly expected more of a reaction. $10 says that the weak Hitler meme video was put together by someone in their own PR department and offered to a known MS shill on Youtube.

The whole thing reeks of a botched astroturf campaign in support of a weak announcement.
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Akuma07  +   160d ago
I don't really know what people are expecting from MS these days, it was clear when they announced the Xbox One that they are very detached from the gaming community.
kewlkat007  +   160d ago
What excitment..they brought the franchise and nobody knows where it's going as far as story, engine...etc

This is not some new hyped game we are hearing for the first time. It's a respected franchise that has done very well on the console it debuted on and is now owned by Msoft.
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darkride66  +   160d ago
Gear of War blew my mind when it came out. I remember thinking, "Next gen is finally here. They just raised the bar." But then nothing else really rose to the challenge on the 360 for me. When Gears 2 came out, yeah..it looked a bit better but it seemed there were never more than 4-5 enemies on the screen at any given time. I meant to play Gears 3, I really did, but other games just took precedence and Gears Judgement was simply never on my radar. It just didn't feel like the series was growing at all.

And didn't Judgement sell like a 5th of what the others managed? To me it just feels like Gear's time has passed. If anything, they need to leave it alone for a few years and then reboot the series with some fresh gameplay.
frostypants  +   160d ago
You missed nothing with Gears 3. It was more of the same. I quit mid-way through and felt no need to fire it back up again since.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   160d ago
@Jo I agree wellsaid.

Lets be honest, I think the author wants to ask where's the drama than the excitement.

just like you said Gears has always been on Xbox platform. It would be dramatic if it turned out to be multiplat or better yet Sony picked up the rights to it.

Then there's our headliners if that was the case.
JasonKCK  +   160d ago
I think it's obvious why you guys aren't excited
JoGam  +   160d ago
Honestly Why?
LogicStomper  +   160d ago

Cause you're looking at the wrong crowd.
Hicken  +   159d ago
Because it's no surprise that Microsoft would buy up the IP rights of one of their most successful franchises from last gen?

Seems like a no-brainer, so exactly why would ANYBODY be excited?
otherZinc  +   160d ago
Lol! I'm very excited of the announcement. So excited, I'm going to run througg all four games again.

Love Gears!
Hope they show something at E3
Akuma07  +   160d ago
Showing something at E3?

You do know that Black Tusk LITERALLY only started work on it days before the announcement. They are going to need at least 6 months to develop an IDEA for the game, let alone start development on it.

You won't see this game for 3 years at least.
Sayai jin  +   160d ago
JoGam- Too bad your not excited. I really do not understand your comment. So going buy your logic, would you feel the same if Uncharted, Infamous, etc went from being an Sony exclusive to being a MS exclusive?

On topic, of course theres excitement...ask Gears heads or Xbox owners if they are excited.
JoGam  +   160d ago
Ur right, judging by ur question, you didn't understand my comment. Read it again. Also keep in mind my comment is in response to the title of the article. The title said "wheres" the excitement not if there were excitement.

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solidsheep  +   160d ago
You meen if Uncharted went from being a Sony exclusive to being Sony exclusive.
That's what just happened with gears.
Blaze929  +   160d ago
a game wasn't even announced - why would gamers be excited about a company buying something?
hennessey86  +   160d ago
they have bought the I.P
But I wonder if they will be using UE4, That way Epic gets the best of both worlds
AnEwGuY  +   160d ago
I think that's a no-brainer really, unless they find that the (new?) Halo engine works better, like EA/Bioware did with Mass Effect 4 in choosing to go with FROSTBITE3 over UE4.
BakPAin  +   160d ago
It was already said to be using UE4 from Sweeney himself.
m0lt0n  +   160d ago
Not much excitement because the first new game in the Gears universe is a LONG way off. Hard to get hyped up for a game series thats always been on Xbox and is 2ish years away.
AnEwGuY  +   160d ago
Oh, you...stop making sense. There's no place for that foolishness on N4G.
mos6142  +   160d ago
because there is nothing to show yet.

sony announces uc4 were is the excitment.
spicelicka  +   160d ago
Exactly, there was no announcement other than that it's going to be in development. The actual game seems so far away that no one wants to waste their energy hyping it up, specially since Judgement was just released last year. By next E3 people will miss is a lot more than they do now.

I've noticed this manyy times, once the game actually gets revealed with Unreal engine 4 the hype will go through the roof.
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LOGICWINS  +   160d ago
Because the mainstream (being uninformed) probably assumed GeOW has ALWAYS been owned by MS. Most XB1 owners probably think Titanfall is an MS exclusive franchise.
AnEwGuY  +   160d ago
Sorry, but your "logic" fails you here. For starters, Titanfall...the game, not the IP...technically IS "MS exclusive", just as Dead Rising 3 is. All bets are off after that, but this first game in the series isn't showing up on another console, or for another operating system. Also, why would XB1 owners, specifically, think Titanfall is "MS exclusive", when it's been one of the most heavily-covered games since E3? What's your "logic" behind singling them out?

EDIT: OK, so AGAIN.... Why did you single out "XB1 owners" as thinking the "franchise" was "MS exclusive". Stop splitting hairs and dodging the question. Where is the LOGIC?
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LOGICWINS  +   160d ago

I said "franchise". Not "game".
Death  +   160d ago
The only thing to prevent it from being an owned IP by Microsoft is money. If the game is a success, what do you think the chances are of Microsoft securing it as more than a one game exclusive?
BlackTar187  +   160d ago
Death how much money do you think MS woul dbe willing to pay and respawn/ea except by cutting out the console that will no doubt have a bigger install base around the world?

Titanfall will never be FPS king on xbox only. Xbox fans will claim it is but from any other stance it can't and won't unless it hits every system like COD and if the other system is the bigger install base you can pretty much guarntee it will never hold that title from a money stand point.
MrSwankSinatra  +   160d ago
what are you even talking about a lot of people i know that game only on xbox thought MS owned gears even before they bought it, the fact that your getting sensitive about it shows that there is truth to what i and LOGIC are saying.
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Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   160d ago
I was pretty excited that I now know for sure that there will be another Gears. Other than that, can't be too excited until I see what they are doing with it.
christocolus  +   160d ago
Same here ..
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Sitdown  +   160d ago
I thought there was excitement...
ElementX  +   160d ago
From what I've read there won't be another GoW for two years so why get all excited now? I hate when companies announce something for 2015 or 2016, by the time the games are released there's no way it can live up to the hype.
barb_wire  +   160d ago
The same happens at E3 every year.

Something is announced or teased and it's years (if ever,.. looking at you Agent) before it's released.
Sitdown  +   160d ago
Not typically with Microsoft....I thought their stated policy was not to show any footage of games more than a year out?
Eonjay  +   160d ago
Maybe when it closer to relase. It just started development. Footage is at least 2 E3s away.
Jury  +   160d ago
Einhert  +   160d ago
The franchise has seen its best days
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   160d ago
Xbox fans have Titanfall around the corner.

Let's wait until we get closer to a Gears game before we start calling things DOA.
Errefus  +   160d ago
Well its hard to tell where the series is going, maybe a prequel would be great but idk. Gears of War Judgment was great. But i cant say was it was the best one. I enjoyed GoW 1 and 2, ill never forget those long nights playing co-op or multiplayer. I just hope they can redefine and innovate what GoW did from the beginning.
Aces17  +   160d ago
Hard to get excited for something you won't actually see the results of until 2016.
jgrigs09  +   160d ago
Where is the excitement? Um go to IGN check out the comment section. That is flooded with excitement. Even sony fans are happy it's being brought back.
KNWS  +   160d ago
Very true. I have seen comments below Gears videos on Youtube. Lot people are bashing the negativity of gaming media outlets.
jgrigs09  +   160d ago
Mister_Dawg  +   160d ago
Sony owners would have loved this on PS4. Don't waste a bubble denying the fact. Just the same as there are many Sony exclusives which would have been welcomed on Xbox.

There isn't much fanfare right now because MS buying the franchise was an obvious move. Xbox owners will get very excited once the time gets closer to a next-gen Gears launch.
porkChop  +   160d ago
1) Microsoft buying Gears doesn't affect consumers in any way. The series was already exclusive to MS so this doesn't change anything other than the fact that Epic apparently wasn't planning on continuing Gears, that's why MS bought the IP.

2) The game only started development a week ago and is basically just some vague ideas on a piece of paper at this point. It will be at least a year until we really hear anything about the game, and likely 2 years at the minimum until it's released.
noxeven  +   160d ago
It great to know the franchise isn't going to be shelved for a while but the same time. I don't want a new gears every year. It a double edge sword. I just hope ms realize that still need to do new ips and not just keeping out last gen new ips
KNWS  +   160d ago
No hype. Get real Go on Youtube fans are happy Gears is returning
captainexplosion  +   160d ago
Im a huge fan of the series but I think it is probably a mistake that Microsoft bought it. It would have been huge if Sony bought it, but kind of pointless for Microsoft because 99% of gamers already assumed Microsoft owned it. On top of that it is now being made by an inferior developer, will take away from a new IP, and its really far away.
Sitdown  +   160d ago
And where were your polls conducted at?
spaceg0st  +   160d ago
The excitement lies beneath the dead horse that is 'gears of war.'
GamersHeaven  +   160d ago
It was a cool franchise for last generation personally they should of banked on a new IP/Franchise.
Advanxed  +   160d ago
Gears is dead. If it wasnt enough after 3... Judgement ensured its demise.
RosettaStoned  +   160d ago
Good Lord, can they put out a trailer before we start asking where the excitement is? We have no idea what direction they're headed. I'd love it to be a Pendulum Wars prequel... it'd excite the hell out of me (and others that are curious about that storyline) but until then, "excitement" about unknown content is a perfect recipe for disappointment.
corvusmd  +   160d ago
Uh, the excitement is all over the place...where have you been? There was TONS of excitement for it when people thought it was coming over to PS4, now that's just turned to jealous rage. If you can't find excitement for this game it's only because you aren't looking. This is as dumb as asking where is the excitement for Infamous, Order, Last of Us 2 or Uncharted...the four games that PS4 owners have to "brag about".
SynestheticRoar  +   160d ago
Serious. I didn't even know that game was coming out this gen. Glad to hear it's still in Microsoft stable.
from the beach  +   160d ago
Because it was basically an announcement of a business deal rather than a new game, as such.. the next Gears is probably at year or two away :(
Lukebb91  +   160d ago
Judgment was a flop after that fans started questioning EPIC's choices such as a few maps and a few characters as well as no locust in MP or DBNO, on top of that EPIC seemed to of lost interest because judgment aka a tps/fps hybrid didn't stick with fans of the series or the cod/battlefield players they where trying to entice.

MS buying gears is a no brainer i agree however its going to a talented set of people being overseen by rod ferguson, this is good news and I'm struggling to see why people cant understand that.

A new gears running on UE4 being made by very talented people who are following directions from one of the people who started and worked on the franchise surely = WIN
windblowsagain  +   160d ago
Epic sold the rights, but kept the excitement for their next game.
iistuii  +   160d ago
Gears ah, my favorite all time game. Horde mode & 4 player coop campaign on Gears 3 was amazing. I miss it now I'm on PS4, but be sure if it comes out on X1 I'd be up the shops in no time..
e-p-ayeaH  +   160d ago
Gears of War games are past their prime but a next gen gears of war might be something trully impressive who knows.
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