TGH’s Top 8 Hottest Video Game Babes of 2013

The Gamer Headlines writes: 'Each year video games have increased visuals, graphical fidelity and aesthetics that tend to let you undergo different emotional states as the story of the game progresses. Moreover in combination with gameplay mechanics, the overall experience makes you believe what the characters believe and feel what they feel. As 2013 was filled with amazing games, we here at The Gamer Headlines decided to focus on one feeling in particular and bring you our Top 8 of the hottest video game babes for the last year.'

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xJumpManx1389d ago

What an awful list. Ellen Page is not even good looking much less hot.

sinspirit1389d ago

I think good looking but definitely not close to the top.

Anna is ugly in my opinion. Jodie is alright. Eliza isn't really my style but has a good face. Not a good list in my opinion.

SlapHappyJesus1389d ago

Gamers need to get out more . . .