Iwata on merging handheld/console teams, next system will “absorb the Wii U architecture adequately”

Satoru Iwata delivered some incredibly insightful comments as to what Nintendo has planned for its future hardware during an investor briefing Q&A last week.

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MegaRay1406d ago

This is great.... right?

Jack_Of_All_Blades1406d ago

Come on hybrid handheld/home console!

lilbroRx1406d ago

That is not what this is as it would make no sense.

What he means is that they will have a similar development environment and porting games between the next handheld and console will be easy.

UltimateMaster1406d ago

If by adequately they mean, unlike like we did with the Wii on the Wii U. Then yes, it is great news.

DarthZoolu1406d ago

Nintendo just needs to focus on adults. If they make Zelda, and Metroid for adults, and a real online pokemon for Wii U people will buy it. They just need to grow up as a software company!

king_george1406d ago

I see where ur coming from but at the same time i dont think they should stop making the kid games. Those type of games are known to pull in big bucks too

Errefus1406d ago

Well Zelda has been a game for older people still yes they made wind waker to take a different approach but the core experience is still there. We may as "Adults" hate the art style but Zelda and Metroid has always been great games experiences that i have enjoyed over the years.

They can easily make a pokemon rpg on wii u and still have the 3DS version a long side that would move units a lot if the games connect with each other some how.

ninjagoat1406d ago

Lol sorry if i sound out off place here I'm thirty four years old now ;) I'm play along every platform from PC till PS4.

I don't regard Mario as a Kids game off course its aimed that way but still to this day i have some my best gaming sessions on that game be that an old one are one off the latest games.

Add to that Zelda games are always an amazing challenge. It would be a massive loss imo if Nintendo just did what every one else did.

I like consoles being as different from each other as possible. What would be the sense on spending money on them if they where all the same.

Nintendo hits out at a market the other two doesn't do aswell as them. If Nintendo was to go software and i pray they never do.

There would be a feeding frenzy among the top two consoles to see who could acquire there services. Cause they know what them characters mean on there systems. (Big money)

People over the last few months have been here belittling Nintendo forgetting what they have done for gaming. I think that's a shame tbh.

ChickeyCantor1406d ago

" They just need to grow up as a software company!"

Well that was completely irrelevant to anything you said prior.

stragomccloud1406d ago

Last time I checked, most people buying and playing Nintendo games are adults. As opposed to the others which are played primarily by middle schoolers.

Akuma071406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I am starting to believe a console Pokémon game wouldn't be as successful as it's handheld predecessors.

Being able to take your Pokémon with you wherever you go and play it on the train, on the bus or whatever is a huge reason why the game is so successful.

I mean, I am sure it would work, but not AS good.

Also, as soon as Nintendo stops making 'kids' games, that is the moment when they will no longer be Nintendo, and they will just be like Sony and MS. Ninty are great because they are a unique entity that provides unique experiences that neither Sony nor MS do. They just need to make a more successful console.

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Silly Mammo1406d ago

Using the word "adequately" in describing your next console is probably not a good thing.

N4g_null1406d ago

Hell frigging yeah it is. Now the question is will it use mantle, will Nintendo buy unity 3d!???? Maybe some crytek juice! I wonder I wonder...

This is very cool because they can release a few different consoles even a 4k one that upscale current games then the wiiu can sit at the low end while a new handheld could be the middle ground.

3ds on wiiu would be really cool also. This thinking wouldn't splinter the installation base ethier. The tech guys can throw money at a console and the handheld guys can go mini wiiu then you can get wiiu or just go out and get a fusion yet all games would be playable since the wiiu would be the core model and the others would just add perks features that other gamers may not care about.... All linked to an account that contains tons of games you bought.

I wondered why the others haven't done this?

What is also cool is the games would be scalable until the dev community moves on up the latter and starts to use the other bells and whistles from the new console. AMD is going 5 love this. This would move gamers of the tech latter and ultimately make dev use better tech at a better price for the consumer.

ChickeyCantor1406d ago

It doesn't need mantle since the API they build is close to the metal anyway.

Mantle is more for PC's than consoles.

fight4love1406d ago

This changes things... 1 handheld and 1 console that "share" software. Likely the handheld having lower in graphics and the console being higher.

Just think about that for a minute.

No more dividing the First party talent because of the two platforms. That means more games coming out in a less amount of time for each platform. Look at the great year 3ds had compared to the wiiU. Imagine if nothing else just the first party games on the 3ds had a console version and vice versa. I think you see my point of the EPIC POTENTIAL this has. Similar architecture that allows for dirt easy scaling to the multiple systems.

I can only fault nintendo for not doing this 2 years ago but im very interested for whats to come.

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AnEwGuY1406d ago

I can't believe it....Nintendo actually seems to be listening to their critics.

lilbroRx1406d ago

I'm sure they had this planned long before any critics emerged. They merged their teams early last year.

AnEwGuY1406d ago

Dude...other than their handheld business, Nintendo has been getting criticized from all sides since the Wii died...and 3rd party stopped supporting it...about 3 years ago.

lilbroRx1406d ago

Third parties stopped supporting them 17 years ago. Financial records show that even in the best of times, third parties were never their biggest source of income. It was their hardware followed by their first party titles.

The Wii didn't die. Nintendo just stopped supporiting for it when the Wii U was announced. Nintendo killed the Wii to make room for their next gen console. There is a difference.

Not that I see what any of that has to do with what I just said, which is about them merging their development teams.

Imonaboat11406d ago

All i ask is to please make it a real next gen console. The sales will be through the roof.

PSNintyGamer1406d ago

That is a possibility , not a guarantee.

NYC_Gamer1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

The next Nintendo console will most likely be on the same level as current gen[PS4/X1]hardware

lilbroRx1406d ago

That would be first. Their last console and current are both above the last gen tech, simply not as far as their competitors being that Nintendo wants their hardware to be affordable.

I don't see Ninteno releasing a $400 console. They will release a stronger console that is still within an affordable price range.

rezzah1406d ago

I agree, the Wii U is competing with the PS3 and 360 in terms of visual output.

Beastforlifenoob1406d ago

WII U fanboys rage at me now
but honestly i think a PS3 is a way better investment than the WII U

1.) It has a ton of amazing games and a huge library

2.) its graphics are top notch

3.) Its affordable

4.) Its still getting plenty of games and has full support

5.) The last of us and gta v

Activemessiah1406d ago

Just don't release this too soon...

somedude3421406d ago

this is what they shouldve done in the beginning

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