PlayStation Plus: Outlast and Metro: Last Light Free for Members

Posted by Kristine Steimer // Sr. Community Specialist: We’re kicking off February with a little something for everyone, regardless of what PlayStation console(s) you own. PS4 owners can give themselves a good scare by nabbing Outlast, a survival horror game where you’ll play as a freelance journalist investigating a psychiatric hospital. Not really a job I’d take, but hey, times are tough. There’s no fighting back in Outlast, you can climb or hide, and that’s it, so proceed with caution. If you’re a PS3 owner, you’ll be able to explore post-apocalyptic Russia in Metro: Last Light. A first-person shooter with the option to be stealthy, your decisions throughout the game will impact the story’s outcome. Finally, our PS Vita Play sale also continues this week with Dustforce, which you can grab for $7.99.

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theXtReMe11538d ago

It's amazing we're getting Outlast for free. Its almost like Christmas every month, with the PS4 and PS+! Great stuff!

badboy7761538d ago

So Mad I gotta wait until I get my Taxes to get my PS4.

mike32UK1538d ago

So psyched I get to play this FOR FREE and with my pulse elite headset!

xHeavYx1538d ago

Just FYI, you can still get the games from the Playstation online store and download them once you get your PS4.
Link https://store.sonyentertain...

rambi801538d ago

Ps plus is just ridiculous now.

I get a half-chub every time i see that logo.

bryam19821537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

hey man i.just card to ps4 and as soon i.get my tax money I'll pay simple solution my wife got mad at me telling me why i use the credit card and that i.should wait til tax return i.said fuck that woman what if i die before that! enjoy what life offers you right now not tomorrow the tomorrow doesn't exist amigos IMHO

MARKSMAN71361537d ago

Dude you can and SHOULD download outlast when it comes out so you don't miss out on it when you get yo ps4

zippycup1537d ago

i have to wait too for taxes but i never played metro so somrthing to do there

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Eonjay1538d ago

And this game has very good ratings. Outlast looks very intense. I'm gonna check it out on PSLive later this week. I will probably download it and play through this weekend.

Magicite1538d ago

Thanks to PS+ theres ''almost'' no need to buy games if You are patient enough.
It will be a blast when (if?) they give The Last of Us/GTA5 for free.

Guwapo771537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

@ dmitrijs88

And that's exactly how you bring a good thing to an end.

I did take "almost" into consideration as well.

Brazz1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

i'm more amazed whit PS3 PS+! Dragons dogma > Boderlands 2 > Bioshock: infinity > Metro: last light and a bunch of other amazing games! Not trying to be a dick but... Ps+ plus is making Games whit gold blush in shame... come on microsoft! i don't have my 360 anymore, but i'm felling bad for the xbox 360 user...

Edit: And if you have a PS VITA Ps+ is like "no brains" good! hell, you get like 4-5 games every month whit your PS3+Psvita

CrossingEden1538d ago

Games with Gold is a much younger service, obviously it's not gonna be as good at first.

Raccoon1538d ago

no excuses because ps+ on ps3 has been awesome since day 1....

TruthBTold1537d ago

That's why I kept my PS3 so I can play all these free games while the PS4 library builds up. PS+ just payed for itself and then some. I would recommend a PS3 and Plus as it will keep anyone busy with all the great free games. Still haven't finished BL2, or DMC as I'm still playing BI and now I will add Metro and Outlast for my PS4. If I only had the time. Between work and school not much left for playing.

Neonridr1538d ago

Sucks I don't have a PS3... Outlast will be fun to play through again on my PS4 though. Can't wait to see what March brings.

Grimhammer001538d ago

Ps+ - it makes the old gamer fear of nothing to play moot! Now I just gotta fit all these games in on a monthly 60gb limit!

Gotta love Canada's monopoling providers!

bluelightspeed1538d ago

Teksavvy is your friend, make the switch for a 300GB limit.

Rockstar1537d ago

Or go unlimited!

Download until you're blue in the face!

mediate-this1537d ago

Where in canada are you from where you have a 60gb limit??

desertpunk861538d ago

i just got my ps3 fixed and subscribed to psplus having free games is great but i want to support sony this past weekend alone i bought gow ascension,ni no kuni and guacamele i got friends that tell me just wait until it comes to psplus i tell them thats a douchebag move.

other games i would love to buy are puppeteer and dragons crown.

asyouburn1538d ago

Dragons crown is the shit, homie

thejigisup1537d ago

dragons crown was one of the best ps+ had to offer, i mean i was never gonna play that game. when they offered it i gave it a shot and hot damn that game is so densely packed with quests and item hunting and omagersh its really fun.

SmielmaN1537d ago

I want dragons crown badly. Even used copies on eBay sell for over $40. I'm really hoping there's a PS+ discount on it in the near future.

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