5 Ways Wind Waker HD is Better than the Original

Last year, Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD, an upgraded remake of the GameCube classic. Obviously, the biggest change in the game are the improved, high-definition graphics that bring Wind Waker‘s cel-shaded beauty to a whole level. However, Nintendo made a lot of smaller gameplay tweaks that significantly streamlined the experience.

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Yi-Long1541d ago

Did they change the camera-controls? Those were a bit awkward in the original.

FierceAlchemist1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Well the camera mechanics themselves aren't different but you no longer have to use that yellow stick on the GameCube controller so you have more control. Dual analog sticks is a big help.

abzdine1540d ago

i dont like ABXY buttons on the gamepad. it was much easier with A and B on Gamecube controller cause everytime i press Y instead of B to use the sword.
WWHD is a good improvement, especially in terms of graphics. The rest is pretty much the same.

abzdine1540d ago

The yellow stick on GC was used to rotate the camera. why is it a problem suddenly?

Ilovetheps41540d ago

abzdine, I think he is just referring to how small the c-stick was. The right analogue stick on the gamepad is larger and therefore it's somewhat easier to maneuver.

Yi-Long1540d ago

No, I was talking about how you controlled the camera, as those were the opposite of other 3rd person games, so at times it took a bit getting used too, cause you couldn't change them to your liking.

There was nothing wrong with the controller or the stick you had to use or whatever. Just the whole pressing down to look up, and pressing left to look to the right, etc.

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jcnba281540d ago

It gives you two options, auto camera (ZL) or manual with the right analogue stick.

Tiqila1540d ago

As somebody who has already played The Windwaker a few times and owns the gamecube version, would anyone recommend still getting this?

abzdine1540d ago

if you loved it so much why not cause as i said above this game could be a PS4 game i wouldn't even notice cause it looks beautiful and way better than the original.
I am not a big fan of WW compared to the other zeldas but i bought the zelda collector wii u and i'm having a good time playing it with gamepad.

Yi-Long1540d ago

It's supposedly an improved version of a classic you love, so yeah, it's worth picking up, although personally I would wait for a price-drop, considering you already paid for it once.

Beastforlifenoob1540d ago

because its one of only 1 or 2 games on the wii u at the moment

Tiqila1539d ago

thanks for your replies! the thing is for me its not really a classic since I just played through it half a year ago. I still play alot of gamecube games ;)

I will let some time pass, hopefully its cheaper by than, and get it. Until then I'm also waiting desperatively for news on a new Zelda game for Wii U.

FierceAlchemist1538d ago

You can probably tell my thoughts by reading the article, but I played it on Gamecube a long time ago and had a ton of fun revisiting it on the Wii U. There's nothing quite like setting sail into the endless horizon with that great Koji Kondo music playing, which is only amplified by the pretty HD visuals.

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RiPPn1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

For some reason I quit midway through on the GameCube years ago, but just finished the HD version. One thing that annoyed me about the HD version is it didn't store your learned songs somewhere where you could find them, so you had to memorize them or look them up in a guide. Other than that though really enjoyed it and may have to jump into the Phantom Hourglass as it's supposed to be a direct sequel.

NewZealander1540d ago

press up on the D-pad and the melodies are right there on the tablet, dunno how you missed that but i thought it was fantastic not having to flick menus to find them :)

RiPPn1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

lol not sure how I missed it either.. maybe it was because I was using a pro controller an not the gamepad? Oh well, glad it's there.

higgins781540d ago

Personally I consider the original Gamecube version to still be the definitive version, this HD remake actually (for me) has diluted the experience. Sure, it looks nicer on an HD T.V, no question, but as for actual gameplay improvements...

The Swift Sail is nothing but an addition for those gamers with ADD, Hero Mode is an unnecessary addition trying again to please the self-proclaimed "hardcore", its about the EXPERIENCE not the difficulty. Skipping/speeding up animations...why!? This is a game where you would want to watch all the animations in their fullest, again I fear for the ADD generation who have grown up on COD and GTA.

OMNlPOTENT1540d ago

... what? Just because you don't want to sit through hours of switching the wind to sail to reach your destination makes you ADD? Cutting common animations in half isn't an improvement? It doesn't make you ADD to not want to watch the same thing over and over and over again. How is an optional difficulty mode bad? Wind Waker is an easy game. It's an amazing game but it really doesn't provide too much challenge until the end. Hero mode makes it a bit more challenging for people that want more of a challenge..

FierceAlchemist1538d ago

But something I like about Nintendo's choices with this game is they don't force you to change. You don't have to do hero mode and you don't have to buy the swift sail. Or you can buy the sail and witch it with the regular one with the touch of a button. They let both types of fans have what they want.