What popular game do you dislike and why?

Games in Asia: "Just because a game is popular doesn’t mean everyone likes it. Have you ever had that one game or series that everyone else loves but you just can’t seen to get into? We have."

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Hellsvacancy1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Assassins Creed, I loved the first two games, but with every yearly release i've lost more and more interest in the series, now I have zero interest at all

The AC games are too easy, and too samey, they're just exact replicas of the previous games with a different paint job

Yeah the same can be said for COD............ I don't play COD so I can't comment

Nocando1623d ago

Not only are they too easy, but I tend to meander ceaselessly in them, so I get bored and quit.

itBourne1623d ago

Call of Duty has ruined the first person shooter genre... Every single shooter made is CoD infested.

OhMyGandhi1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Duck Dynasty.
Oh, we're talking about games?
Bioshock Infinite.

I own and have completed the first two bioshocks over three times, and consider the very first bioshock to be one of the greatest games this generation. Beautiful graphics, with an art deco sensibility, and attention to detail that's been missing for quite some time. Incredible soundtracks, impeccable combat mechanics, engaging and thrilling storyline...I could go on.

Bioshock Infinite on the other hand? While pretty to look at, and same decent combat mechanics to boot, I found myself indifferent to Elizabeth and other characters in the game. Do they really expect us to believe that she has the "great depth" as an NPC? Are you kidding me? Nothing about her was unique. She was an isolated girl with read books, and has special powers. Pretty much "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast with superhuman capabilities. Her plight was formulaic and derivative.
The ending was ridiculous. It was not breath taking. It was wholly unnecessary. I can just imagine Ken Levine sitting at his desk, gleefully scribbling the idea of the ending, grinning ear to ear while acknowledging that it not only makes no sense, but within the realm of the Bioshock universe, it simply doesn't fit. The ending angered me.

Oh, and let's not mention the numerous "arenas", where enemies spill out of nowhere and make a b-line towards you regardless of whether you're hiding in cover. The impractical/illogical use of a skyhook for the average citizen. And so many other damned things...

TheEnigma3131623d ago

COD- it has been milked way too much.

Bolts-N-Rays11091623d ago

AC and COD. Yearly releases have killed my interest in the games.

isarai1623d ago

Mass Effect, on paper it sounds amazing, but when i play it, it's one of the most mind numbing experiences i've ever had. the thing just bores me to tears, and yes i've tried each one

isarai1623d ago

lol sorry for having an opinion man

SoulMikeY1623d ago

Even though some dipshit is going to "disagree", I also think Mass Effect is one of the most boring set of games. Always confused by the praise.

Also any telltale games.

stavrami-mk21623d ago

hitman.. linear bunch of garbage-looking forward to it going back to roots

KakashiHotake1623d ago

Hitman is very boring in my opinion.

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