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Submitted by Pozzle 740d ago | opinion piece

What popular game do you dislike and why?

Games in Asia: "Just because a game is popular doesn’t mean everyone likes it. Have you ever had that one game or series that everyone else loves but you just can’t seen to get into? We have." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Dota 2, Dragon Quest, Halo, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, PC, PS3, The Sims, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   740d ago
Assassins Creed, I loved the first two games, but with every yearly release i've lost more and more interest in the series, now I have zero interest at all

The AC games are too easy, and too samey, they're just exact replicas of the previous games with a different paint job

Yeah the same can be said for COD............ I don't play COD so I can't comment
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Nocando  +   740d ago
Not only are they too easy, but I tend to meander ceaselessly in them, so I get bored and quit.
itBourne  +   740d ago
Call of Duty has ruined the first person shooter genre... Every single shooter made is CoD infested.
RustedMan  +   740d ago
Duck Dynasty.
Oh, we're talking about games?
Bioshock Infinite.

I own and have completed the first two bioshocks over three times, and consider the very first bioshock to be one of the greatest games this generation. Beautiful graphics, with an art deco sensibility, and attention to detail that's been missing for quite some time. Incredible soundtracks, impeccable combat mechanics, engaging and thrilling storyline...I could go on.

Bioshock Infinite on the other hand? While pretty to look at, and same decent combat mechanics to boot, I found myself indifferent to Elizabeth and other characters in the game. Do they really expect us to believe that she has the "great depth" as an NPC? Are you kidding me? Nothing about her was unique. She was an isolated girl with read books, and has special powers. Pretty much "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast with superhuman capabilities. Her plight was formulaic and derivative.
The ending was ridiculous. It was not breath taking. It was wholly unnecessary. I can just imagine Ken Levine sitting at his desk, gleefully scribbling the idea of the ending, grinning ear to ear while acknowledging that it not only makes no sense, but within the realm of the Bioshock universe, it simply doesn't fit. The ending angered me.

Oh, and let's not mention the numerous "arenas", where enemies spill out of nowhere and make a b-line towards you regardless of whether you're hiding in cover. The impractical/illogical use of a skyhook for the average citizen. And so many other damned things...
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TheEnigma313  +   740d ago
COD- it has been milked way too much.
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   740d ago
AC and COD. Yearly releases have killed my interest in the games.
isarai  +   740d ago
Mass Effect, on paper it sounds amazing, but when i play it, it's one of the most mind numbing experiences i've ever had. the thing just bores me to tears, and yes i've tried each one
isarai  +   740d ago
lol sorry for having an opinion man
SoulMikeY  +   740d ago
Even though some dipshit is going to "disagree", I also think Mass Effect is one of the most boring set of games. Always confused by the praise.

Also any telltale games.
stavrami-mk2  +   740d ago
hitman.. linear bunch of garbage-looking forward to it going back to roots
KakashiHotake  +   740d ago
Hitman is very boring in my opinion.
spicelicka  +   740d ago
Some of the hate or dislike makes sense, but I find some of it to be total ignorant BS. The halo explanation for example, the guy says he 'had some fun' halo 2 and 3 play split screen multiplayer and he found the single player to be abysmal.

His whole statement screams ignorance, it's pretty clear he was never invested in the game and didn't experience it the way actual fans have. And he decided to formulate an opinion based on his limited exposure to the experience, mostly because he couldn't understand why so many people liked this game. If you don't like it you have to do your research and understand why others like it, before giving a formal opinion on something.

There are many popular games I have played that I didn't like, but I always put myself into the mindset of the fans of those games and figured out that it's a difference in taste, preference, personality, exposure, demographic, environment, and even age, that determines what you like.
MadMen  +   740d ago
COD - although there are a lot of FPS, COD has been milked to death and Im not a fan of Bobby Kotic, which makes me dislike it even more, his style of being CEO is milking consumers and micro-transaction heaven.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   740d ago
MGS. I've just never taken to them at all, tried playing them but they're just not my cup of tea. Tbh I'm not a fan of stealth games full stop so I haven't played, or tried and disliked a lot of popular stealth based games.
I just don't have the patience for them.

Another is Bioshock. Don't know why I didn't like it as I like fps's, and I love the Deco design of the game. I just didn't like it, got distracted by something else halfway through the first game and never wanted to go back to it.
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Shadonic  +   740d ago
We honestly need more hardcore stealth games. Man how I wish splinter cell would go back to its roots.
Stoppokingme  +   740d ago
Blacklist was the best splinter cell game since chaos theory, give it a shot.
KakashiHotake  +   740d ago
Bioshock Infinite. That game is just completely over rated. I thought Metro, Far Cry 3, and Dishonored were much better but the media always talks as if Bioshock Infinite was the best of the class. I call BS
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Kivespussi  +   740d ago
Just completed it thanks to PS+. I loved the atmosphere but the closer you got to end the weirder it became. And the ending was just plain weird. Maybe I would've liked it if I would've understand it by myself but if I have to spend 30+ minutes watching videos of people explaining the ending then it kind of kills the mood for me.
But a lot of people think it's one of the best stories in video games. Opinions, opinions.
DCfan  +   740d ago
TES. The entire feeling feels dead and boring. Thats my gripe with every western open world game, it feels dead and there is nothing to do despite the huge world.
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Stoppokingme  +   740d ago
Saints row. I loved the first two games, but now it's like the series is trying too hard to separate itself from GTA with the OTT nonsense and sexual innuendo.

It's not even funny anymore, it's just sad.
Cajun Chicken  +   740d ago
Gears of War - Terrible hunched over steroid using midget character design, depressing architecture and colour scheme, unimaginative enemy, terrible story writing and dialogue, unlikable characters concerning lack of compassion for protagonist, 'soap on a rope' lancer, never evolved after much better cover shooters were made, no way as interesting as the mythos of Halo but oddly claimed to be equal of, waste of Epic's resources should be making new UT.
Shadonic  +   740d ago
Who in the hell would say Gears of wars mythos is anywhere as interesting as Halo's? wtf everything else i disagree on I love gears but ehh its all opinions
LAWSON72  +   740d ago
Have you seen the Xbone fanboys defending the universe of Gears when it hardly exists? I understand the game has a niche crowd that still greatly enjoy the gameplay and it makes sense they dont want it to go away.

The first two were great and really changed the genre but 3 made me realize there were better TPS games.
mgszelda1  +   740d ago
The walking dead from tell tale games. Mediocre story. Blatant rip off of quantic dream esque games. Which quantic dream at least has branching paths. Tell tale games don't gloat about a choice system that affects nothing ultimately
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Onixg5mer  +   740d ago
I play Halo and Halo 3 then I gave up, it just wasn't for me.
Rute  +   740d ago
Same here, I didn't find Halo that great. My brother likes it very much though.

I'm more of a Metroid Prime guy.
JodyCones  +   740d ago
I agree with that statement.
The Meerkat  +   740d ago

I just don't get it.
It feels less like a game and more like a job.
LAWSON72  +   740d ago
Human beings love to build things and not everyone has the resources or talents to build something great. Minecraft allows you to virtually work towards building something without no limitations other than time.
Children specifically would love the game due to being seen as small without actual talents since they are inexperienced, and can literally jump right in and build a house and fend for themselves.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   740d ago
COD, Elder scrolls, Minecraft, LOL... could go on but I will stop here.
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Brazz  +   740d ago
Minecraft > the "Tibia" of this generation.
COD > It's the same for the last 4 years!
Kappa Mikey  +   740d ago
League of Legends. All my friends are obsessed with it. I just dont get the hype..
ape007  +   740d ago
i don't like AC, it's a great series but not my cup of tea, other than that i don't have problem with most Popular games but i hate the way some of these games are handled like CoD

i love CoD but activision is ruining it, hopefully this year Treyarch game make up for ghosts, they said 2014 CoD will be the first true nextgen CoD
parentoftheyear  +   740d ago
Gta games they are fun for a little bit but.never change anything. That's why I like crackdown, infamous. Takes open world plus adds awesome.
LAWSON72  +   740d ago
What do you mean never change anything? If you are talking about sequel to sequel changes I guess you have a fair point, but if you mean it nevwr changed anything in its genre you are just wrong.
LAWSON72  +   740d ago
Dead Island it is garbage yet sells 4M-5M copies.
giovonni  +   740d ago
God of war. The first two were studs! Then the cracks started to surface with each addition I couldn't even finish Ascension I was bored to tears, and that got damn Fable! With it's simple fighting mechanics, lack luster and uninspiring cause and effect game play makes my gums itch!
LAWSON72  +   740d ago
I completely forgot about the crap that is fable 2 and 3. I gave 3 another go when it was made free and it was just a joke. 2 had potential but it was not exactly great
Budobear  +   740d ago
The Last of Us!
Yes it looked lovely and the opening sequence was great and set the tone well, but the later levels just spoilt the game for me completely, so much so I just couldn't be bothered to plough on through it.
What spoilt it for me.......weapons and ammo!
You make a shiv.....once it once and its gone? (I was like WTF)
Ammo is scarce but I've shot some army guys that have guns but their guns and ammo just vanish when they hit the floor (that was a bigger WTF)
I understand that they want you to play the game in a sneaky way but to have vanishing resources to force you into a certain play style is just plain lazy, and goes against the game world they put so much time into my opinion anyway.
Hellsvacancy  +   740d ago
I didn't disagree, it's your opinion, but I do disagree, I loved TLOU, and i'm a tough nut to crack, my brain is VERY choosey in what it likes

I like stealth games anyway, in real life i'm not patient at all, in the gaming world I can spent hours just on one level, sneaking aboot, waiting for a certain npc to move away from me

TLOU had a superb story with likeable characters, characters you actually care about (I did anyway)

My friend also HATED TLOU "you can't even shoot straight" but he hates stealth games aswel, I see a pattern here

Gears Of War may be a game for you buddy, a brain dead game (point and shoot) anyone can play with lots of ammo and things to kill
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Budobear  +   740d ago
Oh no I didn't think you were out for a fight, it's good to have a discussion.
I understand that my point of view is different than the norm for this game and I'm entitled to it as you are to yours and even though I might not agree with you I respect your opinion.
Brain dead shooters have their place and are good for a blast every now and again but just to say because I didn't like The Last of Us makes me a fan of brain dead shooters is a little short sighted.
Hellsvacancy  +   740d ago
I'm not out for a fight buddy, sometimes we all get short sighted when it comes to things we like, I personally can't see what's not to like about TLOU (that's me being short sighted lol) it's a great game/story

I LOVED it, and the multiplayer, but I also LOVE listening to Mogwai and think the rest of the world is barking mad because they don't

HomerJDog  +   740d ago
uncharted series way to linear
ground_beef  +   740d ago
The elder scrolls skyrim, and most games like it. See the concept of an open world middle earth RPG was cool a few years back at around 2006-7. But now it's freakin tedious and boring. Just like fps games when they first came out in with the all new "look". Back then fps was amazing. But then it's just milked to death. Same with skyrim. Especially skyrim, I hate it sooo much. Of course I hate cod too.
phantomexe  +   740d ago
The metal gear series. Everbody and there mom likes it but i never have cared for it.
Master-H  +   740d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4, finished it and was bored with it the whole time, long installs with some girl frying eggs and snake smoking, boring and extremely long cut scenes, i think the cutscenes were longer than the gameplay segments in that game. The fact that i never played a metal gear solid title before it probably has something to do with this, but nonetheless i just don't see what's so great about it. To this day i consider it one of the worst titles i played on my Ps3.
killzzo  +   740d ago
i don't hate any games
gamertk421  +   740d ago
GTA. Same ish over and over again. Nowhere near as good to me as RDR, Sleeping Dogs, Red Faction Guerilla, Far Cry 3, Infamous, Crackdown, Mafia 2, or Dead Rising 3.
Benchm4rk  +   740d ago
All the Elder Scrolls games. I just cant stand them.

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