NGB | Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Review

NGB Wrote: "Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition takes what was an already excellent game and takes full advantage of the new console hardware to give it a more-than-modest performance boost. With many of the tricks and graphical improvements that have previously been exclusive to the PC, it arguably is “the definitive” way to play the game. However, as mentioned above, it gets hard to recommend paying full price for the game if you’ve already got a copy of last year’s release sat on a shelf. I feel that even the last-minute cuts down to £35/40 weren’t enough to recommend a ‘double dip’ with this edition, and given a few weeks it’ll probably be at a much more palatable price for most.

Having said that, it really is a great game. Yes, there are a few too many QTE’s, and yes, the biggest gripe about Lara going from a timid girl, crying over a deer to a stone cold killer, mowing down enemies is still there, but ultimately it’s held together by very strong gameplay mechanics and a story that’s as deep as it needs to be without going overboard. If you haven’t played Tomb Raider yet and own a PS4, it’s well worth picking up."

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