Elder Scrolls Online – Most Wanted Features

ESOHut Writes:
"So, after much talk about the Elder Scrolls Online, many fans having been having their own say on what they would like to see in ESO and what would make it an epic MMORPG to beat the other big MMO’s out in the gaming world today.

We've been listening to the fans and here’s our short list of the Top 5 Most Wanted Features that we want in Elder Scrolls Online!

In no particular order…"

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KrisButtar1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

My most wanted feature means I have to pre-order a CE version. Which is total BS.


"We want to play in our own way, we want to make our own class and be able to use whichever skills, armor and weapons are available in the whole game.
This has already been confirmed by Bethesda and is said to be one of the highlights of the game"

This is not true, you can not be a nightblade and use dragonknight skills, so we can not use whichever skills we want. They give you a lot of freedom but some skills are locked to classes.

drakulus1597d ago

That's not the half of it. You can't loot dead enemies for their gear. Just about every treasure chest out their is empty and it's hard to be immersed in the game when there's about a thousand other people around you.
This is more like an Elder Scrolls lite version then an actual Elder Scrolls game.

theDivision1597d ago

My most wanted feature is no subscription.

hankmoody1597d ago

That would be wonderful but unfortunately unrealistic. I'm with you on that, though.

_LarZen_1597d ago

If we could get all the benefits with a P2P mmo for "free" then I would be all for it.

But as it is nothing is free in this world. Not even games. There is a reason so many mmorpg players want a P2P mmorpg. It's the type of players that play the same game each day for years. F2P or "free" games do not have the quality,support and content to please that group of players.

For the more casual gamers F2P is of course more tempting.

theDivision1597d ago

I can see your point as do I see theirs. Just my personal opinion. I don't have the time that would be worth paying 15 dollars a month on top of the money purchasing it for the PS4. It doesn't look graphically good enough to be worth the 15 dollars a month either (This is just personal opinion, but for me the videos and screenshots I have seen are a downgrade from skyrim and I understand why, but for 15 a month it isn't worth it to me)

The article says most wanted feature and that is what I want most.

Advanxed1597d ago

I would like: Marrige, market, illegal trade.

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