Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition sells over twice as much on PS4 than Xbox One

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition sold over twice as many copies on PlayStation 4 than Xbox One during its first week on sale, according to figures released by Chart-Track.

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infectedaztec1603d ago

Less games worth buying in the PS4. I"m keeping my money for Titanfall

CernaML1603d ago

Titanfall is the only game you guys will be buying.

JoseV761602d ago

Lol who made you the know it all, like you got a magic crystal ball on who is buying what? Fanboys jeez

CernaML1602d ago

Did I strike a nerve?

I bet you didnt even consider infectedaztec's post a troll post.

DJMarty1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

CernaML - Yeh, on PC:) No reason to get 30FPS sub HD X1 version.

PS4/PC best of both worlds:)

AceBlazer13 - So all the great FREE TO PLAY don't count as good PS4 games in your eyes

The Meerkat1602d ago


With DCUO, War Thunder, Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve, Warframe and Blacklight I have yet to buy a single game for my PS4.

I expect the first game i'll buy will be Diablo 3. I have held off getting it because I knew the PS4 would be the best one to get.

And Outlast this month will keep me happy.

Kryptix1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

For some reason, the Xbox fanboys like to keep talking about how the PS4 has no games and it's getting pathetic. Trust me, once you pick up a PS4 and look at the online store, there's a lot to buy and enjoy till Infamous: SS, Drive Club, and PlanetSide 2 come out. That's 3 games coming out in a few months, Xbox One only has Titanfall and what else? Yea, that's what I thought...

Then with those 3 titles and indie games coming out for the PS4, that's enough till E3 to see what else is in store. The PS4 gamer is set, so don't worry about that.

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harrisk9541602d ago

HOORAY!! Titanfall will be our savior!! Keep falling back on Titanfall. It is the only game that XB1 fans keep talking about. Titanfall, a multiplayer-only game that I wouldn't be playing even if I owned an XB1. You enjoy Titanfall while PS4 owners will be playing Infamous: Second Son. We will see which sells more (on next gen consoles -- that means XB1 (Titanfall) vs. PS4 (I:SS), since Titanfall will also be released on XB360 and PC).

4ShotKing1602d ago

Don't forgot, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 2 Anniversary, Forza Horizon, Fable Legends, Halo 5, Gears 4 and more ;)

stuna11602d ago


Come on man, did you not get a sense of de'ja vu when you listed those games!?

asmith23061602d ago

@ShotKing, cmon man, are you not sick of them titles? That's the same list of Xbox exclusives from last gen. I owned both the 360 and PS3 last gen but just a PS4 this gen. Titanfall isn't my thing and I can't see anything else on the horizon for X1 bar sequels that are past their sell by date.

Three is the magic number for me when it comes to sequels, after that it feels pushed. I like Sony exclusives like GOW, Killzone and Uncharted but they should retire them, they have had their impact. Good thing is I know Sony will continue to make new AAA IP like the Last of Us, Order 1886, etc. Keeps the PS brand fresh.

kakashi811602d ago

Tbh they should have went with 900P for the whole gaming experience. Smh maybe they could have had 60fpsa atleast.

BOLO1602d ago


Damn shame you had to mention the same franchise TWICE (Halo...). Twice the sales and twice the frame rate for PS4 Xbone fans!


Azzanation1602d ago

So while every PS fanboy tells a Xbox fanboy that they play the same games over and over again, Xbox fanboys are playing a new IP in Titanfall while PS fanboys are playing the same game over and over again in Infamous Second Son.

At least use your brains if your going to Troll.

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mike32UK1602d ago

While I do believe there's more to this than the fact that Sony has sold more systems, your reasoning is incorrect, there are plenty of games to play on the ps4. I think the reason it has sold more primarily is because more people who had ps3s skipped this game the first time around because sony had plenty of exclusives last year where as the 360 practically had none.

T21602d ago

haha! hilarious, less games on ps4 the usual statement with zero evidence.
I think what should be more worrying to the xbox camp is not whether one is a definitive edition regarding quality but what this also infers about sales overall.
PS4 is leading in sales and may in fact be pulling away from the pack by now, so this software gap may get larger.
15 to 1 spain sales say hi. Japan is likely to be 10:1 to 100:1.... xbox needs a price cut, no other way to say it...

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bjmartynhak1603d ago

Sure, there are more PS4s sold

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Cryptcuzz1602d ago

Sure that could be one of the deciding factors. I certainly agree with that to some degree of why this is the case, but like the one above me, the PS4 does not have two times the installed base....YET.

I believe the slightly bigger deciding factor is the fact that the PS4 is the better definitive version out of the two.

WitWolfy1603d ago

Even though I have the 360 version too the PS4 version felt like breath of fresh air.

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