Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition sells over twice as much on PS4 than Xbox One

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition sold over twice as many copies on PlayStation 4 than Xbox One during its first week on sale, according to figures released by Chart-Track.

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The_Infected1295d ago

Lara just moves so smooth and sexy on PS4! Crazy it sold over twice as many on PS4 though. Great news.

GamerXD1295d ago

Not a shadow of a doubt. Better textures and higher frame rate is definitive. Plus the number of PS4 sold to consumers makes the PS4 version on top!

Lior1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Digital foundry confirms that both version are identical except for the ps4 framerate so stop saying better textures and other rubbish

angelsx1295d ago

LIor don't forgot that the cutscenes on xbone are 900p and on ps4 full hd 1080p.

GarrusVakarian1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


"Digital foundry confirms that both version are identical except for the ps4 framerate "

Lol, no. Did you even read the DF analysis?

From the DF analysis-

"PlayStation 4 users get a comfortably delivered 1080p presentation backed up with a post-process FXAA solution that has minimal impact on texture quality"

"on the Xbox One: the anti-aliasing solution remains unchanged, but we see the inclusion of what looks like a variable resolution framebuffer in some scenes, while some cut-scenes are rendered at a locked 900p, "

"y there are a few areas that do see Xbox One cutbacks. As demonstrated in our head-to-head video below (and in our vast Tomb Raider comparison gallery), alpha-based effects in certain areas give the appearance of rendering at half resolution - though other examples do look much cleaner. We also see a lower-quality depth of field in cut-scenes, and reduced levels of anisotropic filtering on artwork during gameplay. "

"Overall, PlayStation 4 takes the lead where the next-gen consoles are concerned, with the higher quality effects work and higher frame-rates providing a preferable experience overall, particularly during heated combat, where the drops in performance are both felt and seen more heavily on the Xbox One."

As for the sales numbers, it's to be expected. Lmao at all these people saying "it sold so many on PS4 CUS THE PS4 HAZ NO GEAMZ!"....yeah, it's nothing to do with the fact that it runs better and looks better on the more powerful, cheaper console.

johndoe112111295d ago

To all the people saying "resolution and fps doesn't matter", I guess it matters to a lot more people than they thought.

abzdine1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

inferior version of an old gen game cannot sell mountains of copies.
i wonder how it will be when devs will start to take more advantage of PS4 power.

unity4g1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

@Lior, Lets not forget those days when you x360 fanboys made a huge deal just because 2-3 more fps for some of the games than ps3.

@NatureOfLogic, yes I agree with you. I must add that supporting xbone means holding back this gen to the last gen. Gameplay is always important but its the power of the console and proper execution of it defines the generation.

Kryptix1295d ago

Can't wait to see someone blindly come out and say, "but the developers aren't used to the Xbox One yet" when the same thing can apply to the PS4. The truth is that the PS4 will always do better with multi-platform games which will also make consumers get the superior version. I remember when Call of Duty: Ghosts had the 720p problem on the Xbox One and a few articles surfaced about people cancelling their Xbox One pre-orders just for that.

mewhy321295d ago

"As reported earlier this month, the PS4 version runs at twice the frame rate and maintains native 1080p visuals during cutscenes.".....that about says it all.

Death1295d ago

The PS4 is selling more consoles in the same region. Kind of makes sense that it selling more copies of this game. According to this report, the 360 version outsold the PS3 version (50%/41%). I would think Xbox One owners that already played this on their 360 would be less inclined to buy it again. It's nice to see Tomb Raider doing well for the PS4, but I don't see the big deal.

vallencer1295d ago

Not to sure all that is what made it sell 2 times the copies. Pretty sure it's because ps4 systems have like an extra 1.5 million to 2 sold above x1. I'm not saying the ps4 doesn't have more power and better graphics. But let's be realistic, it's not because of that that it sold more. These articles are pointless.

johndoe112111295d ago


Your math makes as much sense as all of georgenoob's posts. How is that relevant when the playstation 4 versions sold 69% of the copies while the xbone version only sold 31%? Especially if we add your logic then that would mean that ps3 owners that played the ps3 version would be less inclined to buy it again also.

LordMaim1295d ago

@vallencer: But that's *why* the PS4 has sold more; it has more power, and better graphics.

Kryptix1295d ago


You should read Lukas_Japonicus's post, but make sure you have some heart burn medicine next to you before doing so because the truth is about to hurt.

"Overall, PlayStation 4 takes the lead where the next-gen consoles are concerned, with the higher quality effects work and higher frame-rates providing a preferable experience overall, particularly during heated combat, where the drops in performance are both felt and seen more heavily on the Xbox One." -Digital Foundry

Death1295d ago


The math won't add up unless we know all the variables. How many more PS4's have sold in the region? How many of the next gen console owners played the game already?

I seriously doubt that Xbox One owners simply passed on the game because the PS4 version is better like many seem to think is what happened in this thread.

JokesOnYou1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I loved the 360 version it was a great game but I said when it was first announced, way before details were known that personally I've always seen this quick port to next gen as a money grab, nothing worthy of its $60 price tag for the SAME game. I think it's plenty fair to say X1 owners had better options given the total game sales on the X1, some games just wont sell more especially a last gen quick port vs the rest of the lineup; damm 360/X1 owners buy alot of games but obviously they cant buy everything at a higher attach rate, thankfully it's a lesser port that has the poorest sells= hopefully the TR Definitive Money Grab Edition sales on X1 will only get worse and they get the message.

What find interesting is ps fans celebrating this as a victory but are the same ones on their soap box ranting about dlc, sequels, and how last gen a lazy port wasn't a good indicator of a systems performance strength, nevermind it's 2 dev studio's involved. This isnt a next gen game built to take advantage of eithers hardware. I think if you are against all those tactics by devs then there isn't much difference between this and games like Ghosts, BF4= all good games but rushed to make a buck. I respect Ryse and DR3 more at least they were examples of superior graphics or humongous open world's with no streaming...a few tweaks on the flaws and the future is bright.

gman_moose1295d ago

But but but metacritic says Xbox one is better!!! lol

MysticStrummer1295d ago

@Jokes - PS4 is selling more games in general than XB1. There goes your whole argument.

Prime1571295d ago


I love the blind zealots like you. Completely, and utterly oblivious to anything dealing with hardware and software integration.

Many of us can tell that you've never built your own pc. Hell, I'd go so far to say you never have tried to play a graphically-taxing game on pc, and if you have, it's on a Dell or hp prepackaged one that you've never upgraded.

The point that I'm making is that you are using the linear, small maps of ryse and saying, "the tomb raider devs are bad because they couldn't match ryse." The most ironic statement is that ryse runs at 900p and not 1080p.

You have no idea what you are talking about, you're just TRYING to be as insulting and ignorant as possible.

hesido1295d ago

I wish the higher sales could be attributed to 60fps, but I guess it's just related to the fact that there are more PS4's sold in that region. (I wish, because it would send a nice message that people care about 60fps and it translates to sales)

minimur121294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

well it's clear that many people have sold/ were holding out on games because of next-gen. :)

quite surprised how many in all honesty if it's sold twice as much, but bear in mind there were also some who purchased it again.....

I can't believe they've said this:
The PS4 version of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is widely believed to be superior to the Xbox One version, despite Metacritic scores suggesting otherwise.

Well we all know the game is superior technically, there's no denying that. and the reson 'metacritic scores suggest otherwise' is because there is 39 reviews of the PS4 version, totalling the avg score to 84, with Xbox version with 13 (yes 13) reviews, bringing it to 87

(just as a quick stat, PS4 version has 16 90+ and xbox has 7) both with 1 100 score

SITH1294d ago

Why would I buy a game I played completely already on the 36o? Apparently a lot of playstation gamers missed out and just jumped in. Been there done that.

andibandit1294d ago

Guess they got tired of resogun

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seanpitt231295d ago

I have a feeling this will be the norm!!

Monolith1295d ago Show
PsylentKiller1295d ago

I agree. I bought it for the PS4 as well because why not get the better version. But I think that it sold better on the PS4 has to do with the fact that there aren't many games for either system. However,XB1 has more exclusives, more varied genres, and people are content with those games right now. PS4 owners may be less content with the available games and bought TR just to have something new which is he reason why I bought it along with the fact that it is an awesome game with an awesome story and awesome gameplay and awesome mechanics.
I guess you could say I think the game is awesome.

Magicite1295d ago

This is just the beginning of Greatness!

Cueil1295d ago

This may be more of a mentality thing then anything else... Sony has trained their hard core fans well to purchase re-releases... you've all fallen into the 12 step play for Sony's World Domination

Prime1571295d ago

Yeah says fable and halo anniversaries.

TheSaint1294d ago

Could you be more butthurt?

It's ok to admit you purchased a second rate console.

Cueil1293d ago

Don't call my PS4 a second rate console.... oh? are you referring to my Xbox One? I have both so I have no need to be butt hurt the only butt hurt people are the ones who will miss out on the awesome exclusives that both system will inevitably have.