Second Episode Of The Walking Dead Is Just Around The Corner

Tomorrow it’s time for the second episode of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us. According to a tweet made by the studio, we’ll probably not have to wait that long for the next episode of The Walking Dead either, it’s just around the corner.
Telltale Games has made a tweet about the next episode of their critically acclaimed game The Walking Dead. Apparently, the episode A House Divided “is just around the corner.”

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KangarooSam1479d ago

And I can't wait for it to arrive! Really liked how the last episode ended.

minimur121478d ago

thing is, I can't remember. Ill have to replay the episode before playing the newest one, and if TT are taking this long between episodes, I'm gonna get a bit annoyed.

I already am a bit pissed about how it's taken them 4 months to ready the next episode of TWAU.

andyjt1479d ago

I loved TellTale's take on the Walking Dead.
But yes, it's true that they take ages to release each episode, that's why I normally wait till they're all out before I purchase, otherwise I know I'll play the first one then can't wait for the second, plus the wait spoils the flow of the game.
Picked up the First Series for only a few $ during a Humble Bundle deal, so that was a bargain too ;-)

Makkanchor1479d ago

The wolf among us is better still waitn on episode 2

reef10171479d ago

I want just some info on the vita version. I have a ps4 and a vita and the lack of info blows.

Advanxed1479d ago

Is this worth it? I have yet to play the last one.