New GTA Online RP Farming Glitch Found - Earn 100RP Every 8 Seconds

GTAOnliner tells us the steps in order to farm reputation points in GTA Online, enabling you to earn up to 100 RP every 8 seconds!

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GentlemenRUs1481d ago

A reason why I stopped playing it full stop.

Septic1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Fortunately for me, my experience with GTA isn't contingent on the level of other players.

Jls11481d ago

ive been farming for rp by racing getting 3100rp in just under 5 minutes

Milruka1481d ago

"console fans constantly laugh at PC users for not getting GT5, praise the game over and over"

And,. its garbage.

jontrueno1480d ago

The game really is fun though. Its just a shame that they cut all the money and rp. You end up needing to farm once you get to the higher levels if you want to unlock everything. I can see the potential with expansion, just a shame so many are turned off so quickly.